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Naturopathy Consultations at Kunara Organic Marketplace.

Peter will be doing Naturopath Consultations now available at Kunara Organic Marketplace - Mondays and Thursdays in 2022.

Naturopathic advice & solutions for detoxification, Sleep, Brain, Hormones, Mood, Stress, Vitality, Digestion and Gut Health plus much more.

Bio-communication Consultations coming soon - uses specialized technology to assess your body to see what your body needs. Contact me for more information.

The Naturopathic consultation aims to provide holistic solutions utilizing herbal and nutritional medicine with lifestyle recommendations for specific concerns and conditions to improve the function of the body, vitality and quality of life.

Phone Kunara on 07 5445 6440

For Bookings on Zoom and Phone contact: 0408837240 or



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