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Offering Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, Life Path Astrology, Naturopathy, Wellness Life Coaching, Crystal Light Therapy and Public speaking at location and events. Access Consciousness Bars with Tania Rule.

All to offer you a greater degree of understanding, clarity and direction on your life path, unlocking potentials and possibilities to live life more fully.


Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is a unique type of hypnosis where practitioners aim to access the right side of the brain in order to connect to the Intuitive part of yourself known as your higher self or super consciousness.  In working with this method the practitioner is not limited to past life or current life, but can access progression or future life if required to find the answers you are seeking. Before attending a pre booked session it is encouraged to spend time contemplating meaningful questions that you would like to ask the higher aspect of yourself.  You are not limited to how many questions you wish to put forward for the facilitating practitioner to ask on your behalf, this will be discussed in the interview. Prior to the commencement of your session it is advisable to be well rested and ensure you've had a substantial breakfast. Avoid stimulants the night before, and morning of, your session so your body is relaxed and rested. 

The first part of the QHHT session involves an interview with me to better understand your life story and to identify individuals that may present within your regression which you have interplayed life events with currently.   This can be helpful to establish further questions when communicating to your higher self ensuring you receive the answers you are looking for.  

In the Interview we may discuss areas of life which are relevant to you such as:

Life purpose and lessons

• Personal concerns

• Health concerns

• Work/career

• Relationships

• Spiritual path questions

• Curiosity questions

Once relevant areas of your life have been noted and a review of your questions have been completed you are then prepared for the gentle induction into hypnosis. This is where you may completely relax and release all concerns allowing yourself to be guided and enter into the second phase of the session.  The induction

takes you down into a deeper state of relaxation, known as the theta level.  Theta level  is a brain wave frequency where a high state of creativity, deep relaxation, insight and advanced intuition or wisdom can be recalled. It is that state just before sleep and just on waking. I call this the “twilight zone”.  It’s similar to visualisation or dream state with symbols and images. 

Once at this level called theta, we can then proceed into past lives, this life or even future events and lives.  At this time your subconscious mind (SC) is in control and will direct the most appropriate place to go for the information that you require to answer your questions. Once your subconscious mind directs its awareness into the past, we then enter into the third phase of the session, requesting answers to the questions you have provided. 

When accessing the SC, it is similar to communicating with your higher self.  This aspect of self contains all the answers, wisdom and knowledge that you are seeking which is beyond the conscious rational everyday mind. Relevant questions mostly requested from the subconscious mind relate to your life purpose, life lessons and all relevant questions you have.  Once we have received the relevant answers to your questions, we than ask the SC to commence healing that may be required for your body. The SC will activate a body scan and begin relevant healing that is required for you. 

The session is recorded for you via iPhone airdrop, DVD or memory stick {please bring with you} .Upon reviewing your session at a later time, continued healing can be received.

Fee -  $450 (4.5 hours approximately) 

Fee - $225 (2 hours approximately) Follow up.

Please contact Peter for a quick 20 min  chat  if you are interested in a QHHT 



The Chart is created and discussed with you as well as printed for you to keep and refer to at home. Requirements are: Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth. The date, time and place of birth are used to create your personal Astrological Chart. 

 This type of session provides an understanding of your current personal cycles. The knowledge can be powerful in navigating change and personal transformation. Flow into different areas of your life. Understanding oneself with astrology can bring greater wisdom and understanding which can then flow into different areas of life. Some of the areas that can be looked at with Astrology are;

1. Current and Future Astrological Transits

2. Relationships – personal/professional 

3. Career

4. Family

5. Numerology Personal Life Path and Current Year Path

6. Astrology Education – understanding your Chart.

7. Life/Spiritual Coaching

Fee: ( Includes Chart Preparation )

½ hour consultation $90

1 hour consultation $165 (Includes Chart Preparation time)

1 and ½ hour consultation $190 (Includes Chart Preparation time)

Zoom - Phone - Skype - Face to Face

Gift Vouchers Available


The Crystal light session is an opportunity to take time out, relax, rejuvenate, re-align, re-balance and re-energize. The purpose of the crystal light therapy is to bring wellbeing into the body and mind. It is a tool for restoring the energy centres. It is to reduce anxiety and disturbances to the flow of energies. The energy centres allow the incoming flow to circulate, hence repair and restore. It redirects and allows a greater flow of energy via the energy centres, opening the body to healing.

A client simply lies down under the coloured lights of the crystal bed apparatus with eyes closed and covered for 30-60 minutes (depending on the health status of the client). The facilitator of the Crystal Light therapy is normally a healing medium and has been given permission to operate the crystal light bed from the Casa de Dom Ignacio, Brazil. This is a spiritual healing centre in Brazil. The medium will sit in meditation during the session. This creates ectoplasm a healing vibration. The crystal lights combined with the 528hz frequency music makes it easy to relax into the experience and open to receive. The experience can be different for everyone who experiences a crystal bed session. Some people feel very relaxed, receive visions and guidance, and feel more connected to a greater power. It is helpful to wear white clothing while on the crystal light bed and to drink water after the session throughout the day as cells within the body are being reconstructed under the apparatus. It is also helpful in the following 24 hours after the session to relax and rest.

Fee - $110


These consultations are an investigation into your current wellness with the use of traditional naturopathic assessment such as iridology, nail and tongue analysis. 

From this initial assessment we can start to work on a plan to balance the bodies systems and improve function with the use of lifestyle, dietary changes, herbal and nutritional medicine.

  • Naturopathy Initial  Consultation –  90 mins - $165. ( Please Note consultations can be done via Zoom, Phone or Skype)

  • Naturopathy - Subsequent   Consultation - 60 mins  - $135

  • Naturopathy  -  Zoom, Phone/Skype – 30 mins - $90


Peter is available to facilitate Wellness Seminars  at your Conference, Retreat, Business, Club.

Some of the Topics can be on Resilience, Mindfulness and Meditation.

Contact Peter Direct via email:


Access Consciousness Bars is running and activating 32 points around the cranium which relate to every aspect of our life experience. We entertain 60 - 80 thousand thoughts a day, from those thoughts - opinions, beliefs, attitudes, views and decisions are generated. We then create constructive or destructive imagery about ourselves, circumstances, those we interact with and our global community. From that electromagnetic grids and charge within the neural pathways are created which can oppose or compliment a desired outcome you wish to experience or obtain, be it health, wellness, compatible relationships or material matter.

When energy is run through the bars, barriers dissipate and the electromagnetic charge is released, effectiviely resetting the electrical imprinting that no longer serves and produces productive results for you. 


Adult Sessions:

1 hour Access Consciousness Bars Session @ $110.00

Book and pay for 3x 1 hour sessions at a discounted price of  $295.00

Children’s Sessions:

1x ½ hour Access Consciousness Bars Session @ $60.00

Book and pay for 3x ½ hour sessions for a discounted price of $160.00



Good Health Rules - Buderim



Bio Resonance Reset Treatment
This unique treatment harnesses the benefits of far infrared waves, thermotherapy, negative ions, vibrational sound wave technology and chromo crustal light therapy which may restore, restructure and strengthen cells, organs, nerves, tissue, blood cells, circulation, lymphatic, Immune and autonomic nervous systems. May reduce inflammation, pain, improve ph levels, repair damaged cells and recharge the etheric field known as the energy body.