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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique offers amazing life changing sessions that will help you to tap into the power of your subconscious mind and create the life of your dreams. This technique will allow you to access your higher self and unlock your full potential. It is an incredibly powerful tool that can be used to create physical, mental, and emotional transformation. 

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"Connect more to your true self"

 "Our current life is often affected and shaped by our previous life experiences that are interwoven within our consciousness”

If you are ready to identify and understand why you may hold unfounded fears, lack lustre of life, experience difficulty in relationships, harbor control that dominates and prevents you from experiencing certain activities, participation and adventure of life, wish to understand relationship dynamics with particular people or why bodily aches and conditions continue to linger after seeking treatment to remedy them, then I’d like you to consider Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.  A deeply dynamic Regression Therapy with a difference.

This is undoubtedly quite unique in its application from other regression techniques.  Founded by Dolores Cannon from the United States in the early 70’s, it gently navigates clients into a somnambulist state or deeply relaxed theta state allowing revision of past lives which may be affecting your current life, requesting healing from the higher self to be administered to greatly minimize or remove the origin of impact from past life or current life pain, trauma or discomfort. The client may also prepare and present personal or universal questions via the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Facilitator, directed to their own higher self which may assist to bring healing, clarity, understanding or direction for the individual.  A truly self empowered avenue to bridge your all knowing divine higher wisdom bringing answers down into your conscious reasoning mind to be reviewed at a later time from your recording, which allows for further integration and appreciation of your awe inspiring self.  

Within this treatment the Practitioner aims to access the right side of the brain in order to connect to the Intuitive part of yourself known as your higher self or super consciousness.  In working with this method the Practitioner is not limited to past life or current life, but can access progression, or future life, to find the answers you are seeking. Before attending a pre-scheduled appointment it is encouraged to spend time contemplating meaningful questions that you would like to ask the higher aspect of yourself and what you wish to achieve out of your personal Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session

Once an appointment time has been scheduled, you will receive an email with a pre-consultation request which consists of 1) viewing a short 7 minute you tube segment, 2) compile a list of significant people throughout your life that have impacted constructively, and or, detrimentally to your current life experience.  This is for the benefit of the Practitioner to identify characters that may present within your regression which you have inter-played life events with in your current, or, subsequent lives.   3) Provide a list of questions in areas you seek improvement, understanding or healing within.  Eg:

  • Life purpose and lessons

  • Personal concerns

  • Health concerns

  • Work/career

  • Relationships

  • Spiritual path questions

  • Universal or curiosity questions

The Interview part of the session with Peter is to ascertain the benefits you wish to achieve, health concerns  and identify key individuals that may present whilst under hypnosis.  The information that you provide may be helpful to establish further questions when Peter is communicating to your higher self, ensuring you receive the answers you are seeking.  (Approximate time is 2 hours)

The next part of the session is the  Hypnosis part. (Approximate time is 2.5 hours) You are then prepared for the gentle induction into hypnosis. This is where you may completely relax and release all concerns allowing yourself to be guided into a deeper state of relaxation, known as the theta level.  Theta level is a brain wave frequency where a high state of creativity, deep relaxation, insight and advanced intuition or wisdom can be recalled.  Some clients may reach a somnambulist state, a deep level of hypnosis beyond theta whereby a person embodies and experiences the past or future life. Many people however reach a deep theta level, that state just before sleep and just on waking, referred to as the “twilight zone”.  It’s similar to a lucid dream state with symbols and images. 

Once at this level called theta, we can then proceed into your past life, current life or even future events and lives.  At this time your subconscious mind (SC) is supervising the proceedings and will direct the most appropriate place to go for the information that you are required to recollect and review. You may recount one or more past, current or future lives in accordance with your receptivity to the information that is presented to you from your subconscious mind.  It is important to trust the images and information which is shown to you.  Remember, through our social conditioning to revere the logical mind we have become complaisant to communicating consciously in this manner, so the rational mind may wish to dispute the information you are provided.  Once the subconscious has revealed all scenarios that are relevant to you, we enter the final phase of the QHHT session.

This involves accessing the higher mind or higher self.  This aspect of self contains all the answers, wisdom and knowledge that you are seeking which is beyond the conscious logical everyday mind.  It is here that all your relevant questions are submitted by the Practitioner to the higher self and cross referencing of past life information obtained is requested of the higher self to provide clarity and understanding for you, the client.  Once we have received the relevant answers to your questions, we then ask the SC to commence healing that may be required for your body. The SC will activate a body scan and begin relevant healing that is unique to your needs and your personal frequency field to effect change and improvement.

For best results please bring your mobile phone to record the session as upon reviewing your session at a later time, continued healing is often received. 

Initial QHHT session -  Interview and  Hypnosis - $450.00 (4.5 hours)

Follow up QHHT Sessions - Hypnosis only  - $250.00 (2.5 hours)


We are in our entirety the composition of light particles and consciousness that is slowed down sufficiently to conjure these physical bodies we all are interacting with daily.  Some have an awareness of this, some may not. Within our consciousness we all hold extensive memory of lives we have lived previously, our magnificent manifestation capabilities and harbor the adamantine particles within our very essence and DNA which are our direct lineage to source, which is the composition of love.  We are truly glorious, we hold within our consciousness all wisdom, all answers and foresight to past, present and future existences, each and every one of us has this capability.  However, when our soul (consciousness) unites with the physical body at birth, miraculously much of this is forgotten.  We are then influenced, shaped, and moulded by our demographic locality, family design, societal, governmental and cultural traditions and not forgetting our own mind generated perceptions of self.  

An excerpt from a recent QHHT Regression Hypnosis Session:

A New Earth

Rachel a client, came to me for a QHHT Hypnosis.  It was established she was a part of an American Indian community who lived before the influence of white civilisation.  This community was a peaceful race of people who were all involved in working with, and directing light energy. Their primary objective was elevating their own frequency field and communicating with inter dimensional beings.  It was established that this community were 7th dimensional intergalactic beings that chose to participate in an experiment of ascension, moving out of their physical bodies together as a collective, on Earth.

Peter: “Was there a purpose for doing this as a first time, moving out of the physical back into your innate self.”

Client: “Yes to experience the disentanglement from the physical form into the unified field from where we came.”

Peter:  “So there are those on that path to what we call ascension now, is that important to what is happening now”

Client: “Yes because that is how it will feel for many.” 

Peter: “Will this be like a speeding up of molecules” (As indicated previously, ascension will feel like an expediation, a quickening of the molecular structure)

Client: “Yes it will except the physical form is going to be taken, the internal molecular structure will expediate it will feel somewhat overwhelming if you are not prepared for this.  It will feel as though you are being sucked up into a vortex of sorts, for those who have not prepared in any way, that is what they will feel.  For those who have prepared as we did in our physical form, the internal molecular structure will quicken, that was the purpose of that life, to prepare the physical bodies for that transition upward and outward from that physical body.  It will appear as though you step in through one door and out through the next”

Peter: “So is there any guidance that can be given to one who is on this path from moving from one dimension to the next dimension?”

Client: “To sit in quietude connecting with your governing body which is higher than that of the physical form. So your governing body is your essence. Your essence is the creative force, SOURCE, and in doing that, bringing down that creative force through your physical body, directing it out to assist in the ascension that you will be undergoing very soon.”

Peter: “How will it feel for those who are connecting in and preparing now, and those who are not.”

Client: “There are a great many more who aren’t aware that will be participating in this and that will be most shocking to them. There are those that are earnestly collaborating on a higher level, that it will appear as though you are walking in through one door and out through the next as you have acquired the necessary molecular changes to do this with ease, however, there are those who are unawares and unconscious to this process that will feel this expediation within their bodies and who will be somewhat perturbed by this.”

Peter: “And this New Earth so to speak, will it be superimposed over the old Earth or will it be separate in another frequency or dimension?”

Client: “No, it is a separate Earth planet in a higher dimensional frequency field, we are talking a parallel reality here.”

An Excerpt from a QHHT Hypnosis Regression part 2:

Calling upon the Higher Self

These are further question and answers from a client - Rachel who received a Quantum Healing Regression Hypnosis, however at this time I called upon her Higher Self to provide answers to her very directing questions on the ascension process we are currently apart of.  She was informed to disengage and extricate from the 3D construct of drama and negativity. 

This is what she was told:

Peter Sd:  “This sort of leads into the next question Rachel has about this new 5D Earth, how will it look and feel and how will the homes be orchestrated.  Will we be required to pay for, and purchase a home, as it is currently set up in the 3D community (NO), will they be more crystalline as I have heard from clients”

Client  “Oh there will be no comparison, the structure is completely different, the communities will be ...... it will be as though she is returning to her place of origin, they will be crystalline indeed.  They will be dwellings that offer a crystalline foundation, the earth that you will be moving into, the earth that you have been moving in and out of, almost has an etheric quality to it.  The vibrancy of colour is immense, the light is brighter, the colours more vibrant and the harmony with the landscape becomes more purposeful.  So communities have been provided and where you’re designated to is going to be a reflection of the skill set you have already acquired within yourself and how you will contribute to that community.  Do you understand.”

P  “So that skill set that you speak of.”

Client  “Your skill set is what is innately within you.”

P “So your true essence will be utilised”

Client  “Yes, so as you are here now you will be detaching more and more and more, you will be utilised to assist your fellow community members at this level with their understanding and comprehension on a conscious everyday level.”

P “So what Rachel is finding is that some structures that she is involved in are just dissolving, disintegrating and she could use will power to change that but it is fruitless, she just has to let them go.”

Client  “Yes because that is apart of the disengagement and she will find that it will occur more and more, so direct your energy to where it feels good because that is where you will be most needed and working from.  So we would say if you wish to know how to function from this point onward, we would say direct your mind energy to where you feel most at ease, where it flows, intentionally connect in as this one has done and constructed a mantra, but intention that mantra to your higher perspective and ask that you be governed by that and then it will navigate you.  That is all that you need do and you will be well provided for, no need to concern yourself with that.”

P “Any other information.”

Client  “She will be helpful with souls that will be apart of the ascension process, do not concern yourself with those that are not, they can not hear you, let that be.  Even as harsh as that may sound with family, let them be!”

I whole heartily have witnessed tremendous shifts in clients who have presented to me as a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner as we access this higher frequency field, discovering events, moments in time and how such interactions leave an indelible imprint on our psyche and current life trajectory.  You are the bridge to your own healing and improvement, as a Practitioner I am offering a road map, a set of directions to cross it.

Warmest Regards

Peter Rule

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