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Evolutionary Hypnosis

Is a specifically crafted fast track method of hypnosis which orientates the activation and alignment to your Higher Self, your intergalactic origins and your current inter dimensional self so that the most pressing and pertinent questions you wish to be answered may be received from an elevated multi dimensional version of YOU.  We each are multi faceted, multi dimensional beings, living simultaneous realities, often times regression hypnosis emphasizes the past in relation to the present, however, as also a practitioner of the Dolores Canon Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, I have experienced a deluge of star seeds seeking understanding about their intergalactic origins, planetary purpose and direction in life. They often feel a sense of greater purpose or pull unfolding and awaiting for them to step into and action, without having direction or understanding as to what it is, how, and when, this prompting feeling, will occur.  Often times the necessary steps to take to support this process requires elevated answers beyond the conscious everyday mind which is cycling a repetitious daily wheel of thoughts and responses.


If you are seeking a deeper explanation and understanding of these rapidly evolving times, your role within it, and wish to receive direction & clarity from your highest self authority, guides & intergalactic family and or connections, then consider an Evolutionary hypnosis session to bridge into a more expanded state of heightened awareness, allowing your questions to be answered by an elevated multi dimensional you and the many celestial contacts that are available to you.

The session will include;

1. Discussion of your questions to gain maximum understanding.

2. Hypnosis - guided relaxation meditation to clear disturbances and or low vibrational energy., balance, re-calibrate and  calm the physical, mental and emotional bodies. Breathing and visualization to activate the right side of the brain or the clairvoyance aspect, allowing for you to safely reach a deep theta level. 

3. Connect to your highest authority the higher self or  over soul/Inter-dimensional self, galactic family, guides or guardians.

4. Clearing of programmed limits, blocks or any implants.

5. Re-align the energy bodies.

6. Connect to source

7. Connect to the planet.

8. Connect to super conscious self and cosmos to understand your star origins or inter dimensional essence - This is where Peter asks the questions you have prepared, to your inter dimensional connections/family, guides, guardians and or, self.  You can relax safely into the guidance of your Higher Self who will direct the most appropriate information and outcome for your conscious mind to digest and integrate at a later time..  


Once you have booked a session. Peter will send you a questionnaire to complete to gain maximum benefits from your session.  You will need to return this back to before the commencement of your session.


Session can be conducted in person or online (Zoom).


Duration; 2 - 2.5 hours duration

Fee; $250.00


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