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This Initial consultation is comprehensive and comprises of a thorough personal assessment, consisting of iridology (iris analysis), tongue analysis and specialized bio communication technology. 

When it comes to health and wellness your body has all the answers and has the capability to relay information through inter cellular communication.  This is where ground breaking bio communication technology is key in disclosing areas of weakness that require attention.  This specialized consultation uses a stimulus response exchange by the placement of your hand on a cradle connected to computer software and monitors your galvanic skin response via questions the computer sends to your body called a digital stressor.  As our internal biology is always responding to our surrounds via environmental stressors the computer replicates what your body is relaying with digital stressors and is able to determine focal areas within your body that are depleted and which require additional assistance to strengthen, repair and recover.  An individual wellness plan is then designed for you which may include lifestyle and resilience advice, herbal, and nutritional medicine prescription.

Using Peter’s 25 years’ experience in clinical client analysis to ascertain organ health, hormonal balance, adrenal function, glands, and other bodily systems. Further to this, mineral and vitamin deficiencies, toxicity markers within the body organism, (alkaline or acidic states) or other health concerns can be and taken into consideration for a wellness plan. As with any deficiencies or imbalance in the body, this can affect immune performance.


Another key focus is supporting the elimination of environmental contaminants from the atmosphere, toxins from inhalation and ingestion and intravenous substances that may be affecting your physical performance, mental cognition, and emotional stability. From the Assessment we can formulate the right plan for you to build and balance the body systems, improving your feeling state, functionality, and mental coherence to determine the most effective programme for you to gain greater vitality and functionality for your body, mind, and emotions, creating cohesion and harmony. Integrative Pathology may be used to investigate hormones, toxic metals, stool tests, and mineral defeciencies


Peter will design an individual wellness plan for you which can incorporate stress management guidance and recommendations, lifestyle advice, herbal and nutritional medicine prescription so that you can increase your immune responses, taking your wellness to the next level. 

Naturopathy may address.

Nervous system - Sleep & Mental Health

Brain nutrition - Neurotransmitters, Depression and Anxiety

Detoxification from pollutants and contaminants

Women’s Health – Reproductive & hormonal health

Men’s Health – Reproductive health, vitality

Metabolism and weight concerns

Heavy metal toxin elimination

Adrenal and Thyroid Health

Mood Imbalance

Stress Management

Vitality/energy levels

Digestive disturbances


​​​Naturopathy Initial Consultation – 90 mins - $170.

Naturopathy – Follow Up Consultation - 60 mins - $135

Naturopathy - Follow up - 30 mins - 45 mins - $110

( Online - Zoom, Phone or Skype)

At Herbacy - Kunara Organic Marketplace - Forest Glen.

330 Mons Road, Forest Glen.

Naturopathy : Services & Goals
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