Bio Reset Treatment is a unique treatment which harnesses the benefits of far infrared waves, thermotherapy, negative ions, vibroacoustic tecchnology.







This unique treatment harnesses the benefits of the Bio Thermal Mat and Bio Acoustic Mat to deliver:

Far infrared wave technology, sacred geometric Hideo vibrational imprinting,  vibroacoustic technology, thermotherapy and negative ions to support and assist the function of optimum internal body processes, external body function and etheric energy repair and reorientation which activates innate healing mechanisms that continue hours after your treatment.

How does it work:

Whilst comfortably lying down upon the bio thermal mat, bio acoustic mat and under the chromo therapy crystal lights your body is receiving signals, activations, resynchronisation, light wave frequencies, heat penetration, vibrational imprinting, inducement into heightened states of consciousness and large and small muscle massage from the acoustic 40 Hertz reverberations.  These are delivered via far infrared long wave rays (considered the safest and penetrates up to 14 cm into the deepest recesses of the body), negative ions, solfegio vibroacoustic 40 Hertz sound waves and the use of coloured vogel crystal light technology which is aligned over the body’s 7 energy centres, stimulating energy correction and flow.

Far Infrared rays: When far infrared rays penetrate through the subcutaneous tissue it transforms from light to heat energy producing stimulation in the body which may support the healing of cells, mitochrondria, cell walls, arteries, nerves, organs, glands, tissue, muscles, joints, the improvement of blood circulation and the elimination of toxic waste.  As the long wave rays from the far infrared penetrate the body it encourages the release of nitric oxide, a signalling molecule which is instrumental to the health of arteries.  This in turn prompts blood vessels to be more flexible and widen which enhances blood flow and circulation, allowing more oxygen to reach areas within the body, enhancing internal and external function, reducing generalised aches and pain and improving overall sense of wellbeing.

The Bio Acoustic technology: As created by Dr Lee Bartel utilises 40 Hertz low frequency rhythmic sound and pitch which produces 40 molecular compressions per second via inbuilt transducers producing auditory and vibro tactile sensations that stimulates cells and internal brain circuits (which is measurable via EEG monitoring), improving neural communication, enhancing limbic brain function that may reduce pain held within the body, strengthen cellular health, improve mental coherence/clarity and reorientate and uplift mental states, activate emotional wellbeing, alleviate tension and stress held within the large and small muscles by massaging with sound stimulating reverberations and soothe the mind into deep, deep relaxation, expanding states of  consciousness and receptivity to inspiration. 

Further benefits that MAY enhance the internal and external biological function are:

  • The possible elimination of some internal pathogens such as bacteria and microorganisms that may cause illness or conditions.

  • Encourage the body processes back into biological balance.

  • Resynchronize and improve brain circuit communication

  • Activate toxic waste elimination.

  • Reduce generalized body pain, joint pain, numbness, rheumatism

  • Tissue regeneration

  • Improved conditions of asthma, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s (Dr Nobuhiro Yoshimizu and Dr Lee Bartel)

  • Far infrared rays have an activating effect on heat shock proteins which protect the cells and stimulates the release of B endorphine secretion from the brain which encourages happy hormones and relieves pain. (Dr Nobuhiro Yoshimizu)

  • May provide relief, accelerating the repair and regeneration of damaged muscles.

  • May regulate the body’s immune, endocrine, lymphatic and nervous systems, improving sense of wellbeing.

  • May increase vitality

  • May improve sleep.

  • Improve internal acidic conditions, alkalizing PH levels.

  • May reduce  anxiety, hypertensive & stressed states

  • May reduce joint pain and stiffness

  • Balance and stabilize emotions

  • May heighten intuition & awareness

  • Revitalize and repair the human energy field

  • May experience shifts into different states of mind and consciousness through Delta, Alpha, Beta, Theta and gamma wave lengths.  Lulling you into a deeply relaxed state of being. (Dr Lee Bartel)

  • Balance the autonomic nervous system (Dr Yoshimitzu – Former Director Yokohama General Hospital)

  • Encourage cellular stimulation and Apoptosis (an innate genetic function which regulates healthful cell growth, replacing dying or defective cells with new cells as the body needs them) Dr Yoshimizu- Former Director Yokohama General Hospital

  • Balance hormonal and glandular function (Dr George Brainard)

  • Deeply calm the mind, activate the limbic brain affecting brain activity and improved emotional responses

  • Encourage receptivity to healing

  • May purify the blood through ionization, converting positive ions into negative ions (detrimental ions into helpful ions for the body).  When the body has excessive positive ions it constricts the cell membranes and inhibits its ability to absorb nutrition and eliminate toxins (Dr Tim Tanaka)

  • Massage small and large muscles releasing tension and stress from within

Contra Indications to this treatment:       

  1. Individuals who are recent recipients of organ transplant should not use Bio Mat as it increases immune system function.  This can result in communication within your body to attack a new organ.

  2. Anyone who has experienced Renal (kidney) failure can not use Bio Mat as heat overtaxes the kidneys, negative ions, vibroacoustic mat and Crystal lights to be used only.

  3. Individuals who have an external pacemaker should not use Bio Mat.  Anyone with an internal pacemaker or defibrillator can use Bio Mat but on a low heat setting only. 

  4. Individuals who have had bypass surgery can use Bio Mat but on a low heat setting only.

  5. Individuals with a current fever should not use Bio Mat.

  6. Individuals who have recent acute joint or muscle injury (within 48 hours of injury) should not use Bio Mat.

  7. Individuals with heat sensitive MS should not use Bio Mat

  8. Individuals with Adrenal Suppression Disorders, Adrenal Insufficiency and Systematic Lupus can only use Bio Mat on a low heat setting only.

  9. Individuals with a Brain Tumour can use only on a low heat setting.

  10. Individuals with excessive high blood pressure can utilise on a low heat setting.

  11. Pregnant women, children above 2 years, individuals who have had breast implants can use Bio Mat on the lowest heat setting only.

  12. Individuals who have received surgical implants such as titanium, metal, ceramic or plastic implants can use Bio Mat on a low to medium heat setting only.  Surgical implants reflect far infrared rays and are not heated by the far infrared system.

  13. Individuals who have recently received chemotherapy or radiation therapy can use the Bio Mat on a low to medium heat setting only.

Treatment Menu:

30 min Bio Thermal Mat & Bio Acoustic Mat $70.00

60 min Bio Reset Treatment  (Bio Thermal Mat, Bio Acoustic Mat $110.00

(Included in all treatments is alkaline, mineralized water hydration.)

Resources: Dr Nobuhiro Yoshimizu M.D  “The 4th Treatment for medical refugees,                               Thermotherapy in the new century” Former Director of Yokahama General Hospital Japan               

 Dr Lee Bartel B.A, Ph.D, B.Mus

Dr George Brainard -Thomas Jefferson University                               

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Legal Disclaimer:

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Specific medical advice should be obtained from a licensed health care practitioner.   It does not intend to provide diagnosis or treatment and only claims the statements in the medical devise listing of intended use approved by the FDA





 “Life Path Astrology can be utilized as a transformational tool to assist with your personal journey giving clarity, direction and purpose on your life path” This type of session is about understanding of current personal cycles. The knowledge can be powerful in navigating change and personal transformation.  Understanding oneself with astrology can bring greater wisdom and understanding which can then flow into different areas of life. Some of the areas that can be looked at with Astrology are;

1. Current and Future Astrological Transits

2. Relationships – personal/professional 

3. Career

4. Family

5. Numerology Personal Life Path and Current Year Path

6. Astrology Education – understanding your Chart.

7. Life/Spiritual Coaching

Requirements are: Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth. These are used to create your personal Astrological Chart. 

Life Path Astrology - 90 mins -  $190

Life Path Astrology - 60 mins -  $165

Life Path Astrology - 30 mins -  $90

Fee: ( Includes Chart Preparation )

Zoom - Phone - Skype - Face to Face



Peter Rule provides services to help you unlock your potential. Explore below to find out more.


Life Path Astrology Consultation

with Peter Rule

Western  and Evolutionary Astrology 

This insightful overview of your astrological blueprint is designed

to inform you, bringing into your awareness your personal

life design.  These astronomical planets and constellations

which were present at your birth ( date, place, and time)

influence your personal and professional outcomes today,

impacting on your life both destructively and constructively.

Charting your astrological blue print can establish

understanding of:

• Life purpose.• Life lessons and challenges.• Complementary career choices.• Big decisions to be made, at a cross road.• Upcoming opportunities and possibilities.• Feeling the impact of the planetary shift.• Innate character strengths/limitations.• Latent talents and how to best optimize them.• Family, ancestral and relationship patterning.• Life cycles and how to best navigate and enrich them.• Behavioural predispositions and how to optimise them.• How to best negotiate the delicate balance of life within

the kaleidoscope of planetary change that is currently occurring.

This is not prediction but utilising your planetary

constellation initiated from birth to charter your

current life path and present transits that contains

your personal astrological alignment and information.

A personal chart printout and Informative, insightful, and

constructive life coaching is included in these consultations.

Requirements are: Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth. These are used to create your personal Astrological Chart. 

Life Path Astrology - 90 mins -  $190

Life Path Astrology - 60 mins -  $165

Life Path Astrology - 30 mins -  $90

Fee: ( Includes Chart Preparation )

Zoom - Phone - Skype - Face to Face


Naturopathy includes assessment of sleep, mental health, stress, weight gain, hormonal health, digestive detoxification, energy and vitality. From the Assessment we can start to work on a plan to balance the body systems and improve function.

Your consultation will also include the naturopathic science of fingernail analysis, tongue analysis and Iridology (Iris Diagnosis) and an individual wellness plan is then designed for you to include lifestyle advice, herbal and nutritional medicine prescription so that you can take your wellness to the next level. 

Naturopathy: Areas of Concern.

• Organs, glands and internal systems, Hormones, Vitamins and Minerals 

• Nervous system; i.e. Sleep & Mental Health. 

• Brain nutrition - Neurotransmitters, Depression and Anxiety. 

• Stress Management & Vitality levels

• Metabolism and weight concerns

• Women’s Health - Reproductive health 

• Men’s Health 

• Heavy metal toxicity 

• Digestive disorders and Detoxification

• Energy - Metabolism, Adrenal and Thyroid Health.

A normal treatment  plan would consist of an Initial Consultation (90min) and follow up consultations (30-60mins)would be fortnightly initially,  monthly,  then every 6 months if required.

These consultations are an investigation into your current wellness with the use of traditional naturopathic assessment such as iridology, nail and tongue analysis. 

From this initial assessment we can start to work on a plan to balance the bodies systems and improve function with the use of lifestyle, dietary changes, herbal and nutritional medicine.

  • Naturopathy Initial  Consultation –  90 mins - $165.

  • Naturopathy - Subsequent   Consultation - 60 mins  - $135

  • Naturopathy  - Follow up - 30 mins - $90

( Please Note consultations can be done via Zoom, Phone or Skype)