Peter has relocated back to Queensland from the Hunter Valley, NSW where he was Holistic Health Services Manager at The Golden Door Heath Retreat - Elysia an Australian and Oceania awarded leading Holistic Health Retreat and Spa for 2018. Peter was involved in guest experience, overseeing the wellness centre and collaborating with a team of 100 staff.  He conducted naturopathic consultations, resilience life coaching, astrology consultations and chromo crystal light therapy sessions. 

Peter presented lectures in nutrition, building resilience, men’s and women’s health, provided practices in meditation, mindfulness, yoga ( yin vinyasa, hatha and restorative), on a weekly basis to 50 plus retreat guests seeking guidance, improvement in health and restoration.  Still after 30 years of service in the holistic health industry his passion and dedication to breaking through new frontiers and leading clients to new and improved possibilities is passion driven.  As a result Peter was nominated as Naturopath of the Year in 2018 for Leadership and development and contribution to the Wellness Industry. 

Peter uses Bio-Communication Technology for his Naturopathic clients to assess their overall - biological  systems, hormones, vitamins and minerals, neurotransmitters. He also uses Integrative Pathology.

​Peter has a compassionate and holistic approach to clients and in recent years has introduced Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and his enthusiasm and love toward the exploration of Astrology, in particular a unique Astrology soul infused consultation aptly named Inspired  Astrology to his collective experience, with favourable results.  At this particular time in the Planets evolution and humanities ascension, the offering of a Inspired Astrology Reading is timely, assisting clients to better understand themselves and their relevance in the cosmos.

He also conducts public speaking engagements on topics such as Quantum Healing Hypnosis Expereince and Astrology Seminars, in community centres, organisations and mind/body/spirit expos.

Peter's approach and aim is to assist you integrate a broader understanding of self, improve your health and wellness outcomes in a holistic way, to live the best life you can through the many tools, techniques, therapies, science and alternative based understandings he has accumulated over a 30 year journey into the integrative and holistic medicine field. 

Peter is available for for Face to Face Consultations and Online.

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