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Small Changes Make Big Differences

Peter commenced his career in natural therapies in 1991 in Melbourne. He qualified as a naturopath in 1996 and commenced practice as resident naturopath at Eden Health Retreat and then Golden Door Health Retreat - Queensland, Peter occupied a position with  Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat and then Golden Door Elysia -  Hunter Valley, NSW both 5 Star Health and Wellness Retreats. Peter was invited to offer his services as Holistic Health Services Manager at  The Golden Door Heath Retreat - Elysia  and was  awarded Australian and Oceania awarded leading Holistic Health Retreat and Spa for 2018. Peter was involved in guest experience, overseeing the wellness center and collaborating with a team of 100 staff.  He conducted naturopathic consultations, resilience life coaching, astrology consultations and chromo crystal light therapy sessions. 


Peter presented lectures in nutrition, building resilience, men’s and women’s health, provided practices in meditation, mindfulness, yoga ( yin vinyasa, hatha and restorative), on a weekly basis to 50 plus retreat guests seeking guidance, improvement in health and restoration.  Still after 30 years of service in the holistic health industry his passion and dedication to breaking through new frontiers and leading clients to new and improved possibilities is passion driven.  As a result Peter was nominated as Naturopath of the Year in 2018 for Leadership and development and contribution to the Wellness Industry. 


Peter Peter  relocated back to Queensland in 2019 to continue his practice on the Sunshine Coast.

​Peter has a compassionate and holistic approach to clients and in recent years has introduced Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique - QHHT  which is a form of past life regression, healing and connection to the higher self. He studied with the Academy of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy (USA) in 2018 - Level 1/2019 Level 2 and has completed 100's of sessions to date.

His enthusiasm and love toward the exploration of Astrology has been a 30 year journey, and uses a unique soul infused consultation aptly named Evolutionary Astrology to his collective experience, with favorable results.  At this particular time in the Planets evolution and humanities ascension, the offering of a Inspired Astrology Reading is timely, assisting clients to better understand themselves and their relevance in the cosmos.

Peter also uses Bio-communication Technology for his Naturopathic clients to assess their overall - biological  systems, hormones, vitamins and minerals, neurotransmitters. He also uses Integrative Pathology.


He also conducts public speaking engagements on topics such as Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Group Workshops  and Astrology Seminars, in community centers, organizations and mind/body/spirit expos.


Peter's approach and aim is to assist you integrate a broader understanding of self, improve your health and wellness outcomes in a holistic way, to live the best life you can through the many tools, techniques, therapies, science and alternative based understandings he has accumulated over a 30 year journey into the integrative and holistic medicine field. 

Peter is available for for Mobile, Face to Face Consultations and Online on the Sunshine Coast - Noosaville, Eumundi and Forest Glen.



Tania Rule


A bright, colourful, aromatic garden has always been my happy place.  Recreating that in a bottle has been my two and half year preoccupation in developing, researching, refining dosages, testing and ensuring that the properties of each blend corresponded to desired conditions, energetic reactions and emotional responses.  The underlying motivation was to deliver an integral non toxic range that was fast and noticeably effective at altering and supporting the chemical and physiological responses in the brain, body and energy field.

Heavens Light Therapeutics Organic Mood Enhancing roll on Essences and Organic Perfume was born in 2016 through an aromatherapy understanding and qualification but equally important from a respectful and trustful intuitive collaboration which may assist and bring relief to modern day discomforts and disturbances.  These are vibrational essences as much as they are therapeutic in quality, designed to uplift mood responses, invoke calm, reorientate your disposition and heighten your energetic parameters, contributing to balance, upliftment and respite within the ever changing construct of life.

Vibrational Quality:

Each blend within the Heavens Light Therapeutics range is encoded with Christ Consciousness Sacred Geometry and light language, a light frequency signature, which may assist to reconstruct the body’s energetic web to its rightful configuration. As we all originate from Source energy you may identify innately within yourself perhaps unconsciously, or consciously, the quality of this heightened frequency field when using this range.  You see the essential oil formulations are the body to carry and transmit the channel of higher vibrational energies imbued within each blend, much like the physical body we exist in is the vehicle through which the soul expresses and experiences life in this dimension.

As with all products made from inspiration and passion, most come with a story.  The Organic Mood Enhancing Essence range is of no exception.  These blends, which I received from my higher intelligence, came to be when I was compelled to pen down 12 formulations which could assist not only the physiology of the body but alter and enhance mood outcomes whilst reorientating the subtle unseen structures of the individuals energy field via the vibrational frequency imbued within each blend. 

Having received my Aromatherapy training and qualification in 2003 I was aware intellectually of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual properties and constituents of essential oils and their powerful impacts, however I tenaciously researched and refined the dosages of each blend given to me for two and half years before feeling completely satisfied with the final result, releasing them into a retail market, one of Australia’s leading health retreats, to receive favourable feedback.  Now the range occupy’s shelves in multiple retail outlets.

As my family predominantly live an organic lifestyle it was important, in fact a requirement personally, that these products be as unpolluted as possible from contaminants and synthetics, so the natural choice was pure certified organic essential oils and carrier oil for this range, glass packaging and organic cotton roller bottle pouches, contributing consciously to the planet with the sole intent to bring harmony, balance and upliftment to your everyday.

My greatest testimonial throughout all this has been my young 8 year old daughter who was assisted greatly from the Deep Sleep blend, we all now enjoy an uninterrupted full night sleep, ah heavenly!  It is my greatest hope that these formulations will soothe your senses and uplift your spirit.

Blessings, Tania

Sunshine Coast, Australia

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