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direction - purpose  - power

All to offer you a greater degree of understanding, clarity and direction on your life path, unlocking potentials and possibilities to live life more fully.

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This dynamic and insightful overview of your astrological blueprint is designed to comprehensively inform and inspire you into clarity.  Providing you with greater understanding and awareness of your personal life design in accordance with the astrological currents, astronomical planets and constellations which were present at your birth, date, place and time, that influence your personal and professional outcomes today, impacting on your life both constructively or adversely.


A Inspired Astrology consultation with Peter utilises his higher intelligence and his innate gift of astrological insight and navigation to charter your current life path.  This may assist you to understand present transits affecting your everyday and exploring your distinct personal astrological particulars.

Peter Says:  “The undercurrent of energy at this time in our evolution on Earth is compelling and propelling each and every one to restructure the current format of our lives, to think, behave and function differently.  To assess our current views, opinions, notions and consider the newly birthed reality we wish to create for ourselves, our families and communities in a global sense that will compliment equality and unity for all.  How we do this is measurable by our degree of understanding of self.  Astrology provides an avenue to personally engage with your deepest and innate psyche.”

Charting your astrological blue print can establish an overall understanding of:


  1. Life purpose

  2. Life lessons and challenges

  3. Innate character strengths / limitations

  4. Direction with big decisions / at a crossroad

  5. Complimentary career choices

  6. Upcoming opportunities and possibilities

  7. Latent talents and how to best optimise them

  8. Life cycles and how to best navigate and enrich them

  9. Behavioural predispositions and how to best cultivate them

  10. Family, ancestral and relationship patterning

  11. Personal, couple & business relationship synergy

  12. How to navigate the delicate balance of life within the kaleidoscope of planetary change

that is currently occurring from the 3rd, 4th & into the 5th dimensional matrix shift


Consultations:  Zoom,  mobile phone or face to face

45 min $100

1 hour $175.00

1.5 hours $210.00


Please send me your birth details on booking; Date, Time and Place of Birth.

Peter Rule Astrologer and Astrological Presenter on Noosa FM 101.3 Radio with Lou Gattliff

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