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A Client called Kate

A client I shall call Kate has now participated in three Quantum Healing

Hypnosis Technique Sessions which initially revealed her affiliation with a 9 th

Dimension Andromeda Dignitary situated upon a moveable planet construct. As

each session progressed more and more information has been revealed to Kate.

This latest session conducted in mid December 2023, is so relevant to now. Its

important to note that Kate has been meditating for many years and had the

capacity to go deep into the recesses of her subconscious, or is it, has she been

able to access a parallel life. Upon regaining awareness whilst coming out of

hypnosis, Kate thought that her session was a short one, about 30 minutes. I

revealed to Kate that this hypnosis session lasted 2 hours in duration, of which

she was greatly surprised. I take Kate through the hypnosis induction, this is

what transpired thereafter.

P sd: “Now I’m going to ask you to drift off of the cloud to the surface, that

cloud has taken you back to another time and space, to find information that is

going to help you in the best possible way, we’re looking for the most

appropriate time and place for you to stop, to look at and examine, and as you

come down I want you to tell me the very first thing that you are seeing,”

K sd: “This cloud turned into a comet, which took me on a voyage through space

into, and onto, another planetary system. This planetary construct is very

puratist in its appearance, it is white with vivid bursts of natural colour

replicating nature. It is very beautiful, coloured flowers, grasslands, it’s very


P sd: “How would you describe some of the greenery.”

K sd: “I am walking in a continuous line upon a white walkway viewing the

differing eco systems that has been created, woodlands, a fern habitat,

manicured gardens, many differing scene scapes to view and to choose

depending upon your needs and what you wish to receive from this natural


P sd: “How would you describe the path you are walking on.”

K sd: “It’s a polished white substance which is hard and shiny, I’m walking

straight through, it is quite an expanse, there are many differing species of

trees, beautiful colours, and I’m walking from one side to the other.”

P sd: “And what is on the other side as you walk from one side to the other.”

K sd: “I don’t know where this is taking me, I’m just walking through, it appears

to be constructed because the beauty is exquisite and looks composed, not as

nature would look.”

P sd: “So there is a garden which has been constructed.”

K sd: “It is apart of a planetary construct which has been exquisitely designed

for those who dwell within it. It’s very beautiful.”

P sd: “And do you notice anything else there whilst you’re walking along this


K sd: “I’m just engrossed in viewing all that is before me, beside me, above me,

it looks like an outdoor setting, but I know that it is not.”

P sd: “So when you say that it’s not a natural outdoor setting can you see

anything that indicates that it’s not that.”

K sd: “It is constructed so meticulously to give a heightened sense that you are

within a natural setting and even though it feels solid it appears to be

holographic, but if I were to view this I receive the sensations that I am

immersed in nature. It is very beautiful, there’s even a stream.”

P sd: “Can you describe that stream.”

K sd: “It’s meandering through woodlands, there is alot of crisp green mosses,

grasses covering the ground and then you look in another direction and you have

a completely different scene scape with bursts of colour, flowers, trees.”

P sd: “So the landscape changes.”

K sd: “Yes as you walk along this walkway the landscape changes, so you can

receive a sensory feeling from viewing all of these differing scene scapes and

there is blue sky above, it’s a very comfortable temperature, not too hot, not

too cold, but very comfortable.”

P sd: “And can you see your feet from where you are.”

K sd: “Yes.”

P sd: “Is there anything on your feet.”

K sd: “Yes, a white skin like material is covering my feet, there are three

appendages, I want to say, three toes.”

P sd: “And what about your body what can you see of that.”

K sd: “A white tunic.”

P sd: “And do you feel male or female.”

K sd: “Neither.”

P sd: “Are you young or old.”

K sd: “Mature.”

P sd: “Is there any ornaments, jewellery or are you holding anything in your

hands, around your wrist, neck or upon your head”

K sd: “There is a diamond print within the central chest location of this tunic.”

P sd: “How would you describe this symbol.”

K sd: “A diamond shape with a 3D blue colour behind the diamond shape.”

Psd: “Now this place you are describing, is this where you live.”

K sd: “Yes.”

P sd: “Can we go to the place here where you spend much of your time, where

you sleep and eat so we can get a sense of how you live.”

K sd: “Yes, I’m walking through an arch, but the arch is not rounded, it has

straight sides much like a pentagon angle. I’m leaving the natural woodland

reserve and as I walk through this arch way, I’m stepping onto a circle on the

ground and I am thinking of my personal dwelling and it takes me directly

outside of my personal dwelling.”

P sd: “What takes you outside of your personal dwelling.”

K sd: “It is a circle where you dematerialize upon thinking of a location and you

rematerialize at that location you focus your attention upon.”

P sd: “Can you now describe your home.”

K sd: “Yes, it is very beautiful, it is crisp, clean, light, spacious, it is very very

white, there are bursts of pronged foliage, it looks like a palm but it is not a

palm, it is a species of plant that I am not familiar with. It was gathered from

travels but very beautiful, a very rich, rich green and large pronged like draping

leaves, you need a reasonable space to house this plant. There are alot of

symbols where the perimeter of the ceilings meet the top of the walls, going

right around the dwelling, many symbols.”

P sd: “Do they seem like some type of language.”

K sd: “No, they hold a frequency pattern to them which coincides with the

frequency of the being occupying the dwelling. That is how we gain access to our

homes, through the alignment and identification of these symbols, your home

recognises your frequency and allows you access through the match of the

frequency you hold within, that corresponds to the frequency around the

perimeter, interior of this dwelling.”

P sd: “Is there anyone else living within this dwelling.”

K sd: “No.”

P sd: “So these symbols are like a signature within your own body?”

K sd: “Yes and that is how we gain access through this frequency, no one else

has access to your dwelling unless it is imprinted in the symbology around the


P sd: “Is there a place where you have food, have meals.”

K sd: “That is all done within your dwelling, there is only a small area for food,

or nutrient preparation as everything ingested into the body is liquefied.”

P sd: “How do you ingest that.”

K sd: “Through the placement of the hand into the liquid.”

P sd: “So it works through what we call osmosis.”

K sd: “Yes, nothing is ingested via any opening.”

P sd: “Do you have any opening upon the face.”

K sd: “No there is not.”

P sd: “So how do you communicate with others.”

K sd: “Through the mind.”

P sd: “Do you have visual eyes. Can you describe this”

K sd: “Yes, there is a very small breathing apparatus, eyes, bulbous head.”

P sd: “Ok, so how do you spend the majority of your time here.”

Note: At this point I felt an energy shift occur, it was very palpable and

elevated, it felt like impulses or waves of energy filling the room. I had to

focus to maintain concentration.

K sd: “I hold a position that could be construed as a Dignitary, one who

collaborates and coordinates this planetary system.”

P sd: “Can you tell me what that involves.”

K sd: “It needs to be conveyed, this meeting has been preordained between this

one in which I speak through, you know of me from previous communications in

which I hold a position within a council conglomerate. This meeting has been

devised and organised to give this one the information’s which she is seeking

about her origins.”

P sd: “What can you tell us about her origins.”

K sd: “It has been spoken of before, we, she, myself, are what you refer to as

Andromedian in nature, she represents but a fractal of me. This meeting has

been orchestrated for her to embody that aspect which she is unaware of, she

has been sent here within the physicality of the hologram you refer to as Earth,

to imprint the frequencies in which we hold as a species, from a higher

dimensional standpoint. As you all are transcending a lower frequency density

into a heightened dimensional field, she has been sent here within your

frequency field to imbue those higher signature codes within the codons of her

physical vessel so that she may be a transmitter of those frequencies in

preparedness for an elevated convergence within your timeline. Does that make


P sd: “So that’s why it is for this one to have the awareness of where she came.”

K sd: “Yes because what she is doing, and, what she has dedicated much of her

adult life to is significant in this now juncture of time. She has been doing what

many, many others who also have been planted within this timeline and that is

building a frequency bridge into what you refer as the 5 th Dimension. It is

bridging a humanity into a heightened frequency field, you refer to this as

ascension. This comprises of a ripple effect for as you as an ascending humanity

rise up much like a wave formation, it then permeates into other planetary

systems and contributes to the overall universal and cosmic upgrade that is


P sd: “So what more can you say about this upgrade that is occurring at this

time on this holographic Earth and why this one is apart of this.”

K sd: “She is a fractal, there are many fractals, lets say millions of fractals that

are all contributing the uniqueness of their signature codes they hold within.

You all are contributing, those that are a fractal of interstellar beings that are

more elevated through their consciousness field, more expanded lets say, each

and every one whom have agreed to participate within this grand elevation of

the Cosmos, are playing a very unique, yet significant part which contributes to

the overall whole of the Cosmos’s upgrading.”

P sd: “So it sounds like what you are saying is, that it’s not just this holographic

Earth but the whole Cosmos that is upgrading, it’s so much bigger than just this


K sd: “That is correct, it is not just this planetary speck you refer to as Earth

that is expanding, elevating, embodying more of Source Creation Energy. That

is the propulsion of this universal Cosmic upgrade. You upon Earth are apart of

that, it is occurring in all planetary systems and all within that are provided with

a choice to expand and embody more of Source Creation Energy or retract and


P sd: “So why has this one chosen to come back at this time, why couldn’t she

stay on the Planet of origin and work from there instead of having to come back

at this time and work from here.”

K sd: “Because there has been agreements made to assist those planetary

bodies where there is division, where there is separation and provide an avenue

to deliver and emit directly into the atmosphere of the planet, this particular

planet being Earth. There are many other planets within planetary systems that

have been designated fractal aspects of higher dimensional beings to assist that

particular planet. This fractal within this one is the planet that requires the

particular frequency in which I hold to support the ascension upgrade. However,

she is not singular, there are many similar beings upon this planet contributing

the origin of the fractal implanted within them and the frequencies in which

they are emitting. Does that make sense.”

P sd: “Yes and so the frequencies that these fractals are bringing through from

their origin are helping with the upgrade of this planet and planetary system.”

K sd: “Correct, for there was the potentiality that this planet could have

faulted, had the many millions, lets say insurmountable number of fractal energy

imprints had not occupied a body. It could have been a very dire scenario.”

P sd; “So that being the case, that would’ve also had a direct impact on the rest

of the Cosmos.”

K sd: “Correct, this could not have been permitted for the permeating effects

would have been detrimental to other planetary systems.”

P sd: “Is there anything else you would like to convey about this frequency

upgrade at this present time.”

K sd: “There is to be a designation of Source Frequency particle energy, lets say

frequency waves, we are utilising a generalised term in order for the

comprehension of this. We have impressed upon this one the word monotomic

which is be directed to this planet known as Earth, which will propel humanity

into an ascended state of being and embodied consciousness that they have not

previously experienced.”

P sd: “So my understanding of monotomic is a type of gas that would be

projected toward the Earth, is that right.”

K sd: “That’s correct, it is a gaseous compound if you wish to be specific,

however, it is so much more than that. It is the derivative of Source Creation

Energy harnessed in a concentrated form which will be directed into this lower

frequency field known as Earth. That will provide a catalyst for the ascended

state within each and every one to be activated, not all will accept this

frequency, not all will have the capacity to integrate this frequency through

their own choices. However, a great many have agreed to participate in this

frequency jump, this evolutionary leap.”

P sd: “So this monotomic substance will have an affect on some of those that

have agreed to ascend and those that have chosen to continue as they are, they

will not ascend.”

K sd: “All have made a choice, known or unknown to them, each and every one will

embody that which they have chosen, for a great many, they will, (this being

stopped short from continuing) this is to be answered at a later time. We are

here today for this one to realise her role here, her role within this evolutionary

leap forward, for she has many questions pertaining to this.”

P sd: “And so are those skills that you have as a Dignitary on this other planet in

another dimension, is that to be utilised here.”

K sd: “No, she is a fractal of me, she has many attributes that are relative to

me, her fair sense of justice is an attribute derived from that fractal of me.

She has developed her own character within the body that was provided for

her, however, she is a fractal of me, and with that she has had the opportunity

to participate in her Earthly experiences where she has been prompted to

action, prompted to experience elements of your Earthly construct, such as

work, family, relationships, so I have been receiving the imprints of that

through this fractal.”

P sd: “And with those imprints you receive, does that assist you.”

K sd: “It offers insight, if offers variety to be imbued, seen and felt but she is

a fractal, she is not the embodiment of me. It was a strong advisement through

her own prompting, her own desire to know where she originated from, all life in

all universal systems are the derivative of Source Creation. Not one is any

better than the other, it is just differing in nature.”

P sd: “Is there anything else you would like to share today.”

K sd: “No, she has the clear imprint of me within her minds eye, she knows from

where she originates now. She can execute her life in beauty and grace now for

that is a measure from where she comes.”

P sd: “Beautiful, thankyou.”

I now move Kate from the awareness of that 9 th dimensional Andromeda

Dignitary and prepare Kate’s Higher Self to speak through her to answer her

questions. Peters notes: As a practitioner of QHHT and guiding clients through

differing life recollections and parallel lives, I often feel a heightening of

energy within the room which often times affect me. The vibration in the room

whilst this particular being was communicating through Kate was so high I had

difficulty remaining alert. This was an expanded presence. I have only felt this

with clients on a handful of occasions over the course of 7 years.

Kate’s Higher Self:

P sd: “I know Kate’s subconscious (Higher Self) could’ve brought forward many

different scenarios for Kate to view today, why did you bring forward this

particular meeting of the Andromeda Dignitary.”

HS sd: “It was through her desiring to know.”

P sd: “So what would you call that place that Kate was privy to today. Is that

some sort of constellation or place that she went to.”

HS sd: “It is from the planetary system of Andromeda.”

P sd: “And so this was brought forward for Kate to see today which aligns with

the questions she would like answered. The first question, she has multiple

completions occurring for her at the moment with friendships dissolving, her

small business, extended family, why is this happening in this now time.”

HS sd: “Because the time is nearing, and remember there is no time, that is an

Earthly construct. So the next forward juncture for you as a humanity is your

ascended leap and upgrade of your physicality, your consciousness and what once

served you is no longer applicable within this now juncture, we are attempting to

avoid the usage of the concept of time. So this one has experienced much that

has been within her field of awareness, within recent years, it is now

disengaging from her reality field because her reality is changing and within

that void more that is in alignment within the now vessel which occupies the

soul, will be brought into her awareness. This will be an applicable phase for

many of you on the planet.”

P sd: “So that leads into the next question that Kate has, is the Over Soul and

Higher Self now merging more expeditiously with the physicalness of people as a

result of the ascension integration, as Kate is receiving vast blocks of thought

and information that is not of her conscious mind, can you bring forward insight

into that.”

HS sd: “In short the answer is yes and yes. This ascension process allows for

the physical vessel to be upgraded substantially in order for the engagement of

the Monad or the Over Soul and the Higher Self, to come into alignment and

embodiment, so the Higher Self will be embodied in the physical vessel as the

dimensional time line shifts into the 5th density timeline.”

P sd: “So that leads into the next question because there is so much differing

information about the nature of this imminent shift into the 5 th dimensional

Earth and timeline. Can you clarify, will we as an ascending humanity be

relocated to a physical New Earth or can you explain that.”

HS sd: “Yes and no, and we will qualify that in this sense, what you see around

you is going to change. So the work is being done within you internally, within

the physical vessel, the atomic structure, the DNA, the cells, the organs, the

glands, all the systems, the apparatus of the mind, in order to expand the

consciousness which in turn expands the perimeters in which you view the world

around you. So the world around you, yes, will change significantly as you are

upgraded with a higher frequency model you will not see all that has been around

you the same. So the Earth is upgrading and changing also but you will not be on

this physical Earth perse, you will be traversing into an elevated Blessed Gaia

lets say, a Blessed Earth, for she will indeed be blessed, she will be equipped

with the newness, the lushness, the beauty, the vastness of all that is available

to her, and as your expanded awareness filtrates into the apparatus of the mind

and the upgraded bodily vessel, you will get to experience that with her. And it

is interesting to us, to convey that into words within a limited language. Because

it is a dimensional shift which is no small feat, you will have the newness of

Blessed Earth to experience, along with this planetary entity.

P sd: “So the scene on this new Earth will be different to what we have

experienced before.”

HS sd: “Yes, you are not staying as you are, you are making an evolutionary leap

forward, all within your reality scene scape will change, you will view things

differently. You will perceive things differently, you will action differently

because your consciousness has expanded. You can not do what you once did,

this is quantum mechanics you see, it is very limited putting this into words.”

P sd: “So how would everyday living and functioning be from your perspective.”

HS sd: “It will be in accordance to what you as a being has integrated, there is

not one model that can be given because each and every one is going to bring an

aspect of themselves into this new Blessed Gaia, but we understand the

complexity of what you are asking, so we will quantify it in a way that we feel

you are requesting. There is great beauty upon the physicality of this planet, so

you are transferring from one hologram into another hologram, now we’re sure

you will concede that this hologram you are currently living upon has offered

moments of great inspiration, upliftment, beauty, joyfulness to you but by and

large this hologram has been created to enslave its population and you as the

incredible creator beings that you are from Source Creation have maintained by

and large, an optimistic approach in a very challenging situation. You as a race

have made lemonade out of lemons, shall we say. Now this planetary body can no

longer sustain life as it is and so as you move into this allotted ascension that is

here now, as your consciousness is more intrinsically activated you will access

more universal knowledge into the embodiment of what you create. So this new

entity that is here now known as Blessed Gaia, you will harmonise with her and

you will create from that perspective as opposed to what has been created in

this current time line and reality from separation.”

P sd: “So there will be less separation on New Earth.”

HS sd: “Yes, because there will be more integration of the Higher Self and

Over Soul or Monad within the physicality.”

P sd: “So the Andromeda Dignitary that came through previously that Kate is a

fractal of, spoke of monotomic light and I wanted to ask is there a body of

beings presiding over the release of photonic light frequencies that propels this

evolutionary shift in consciousness within humanity that extinguishes the veil

that so many humans have had imposed upon them which prevents them from

registering who they really are.”

HS sd: “Yes, there is, it is a large planetary body that is presiding over the

intermittent release of this monotomic energy substance. Monotomic in this

sense is referred to as the overall Source Creation Energy, it is a unified field

of all that is, which embodies and encompasses everything from the nuclei of

Creator Source and as you expand into more and more of your Divine

Consciousness, that frequency embodies you. It can be harnessed and directed

to where it is most needed and that is what this multi dimensional planetary

body of differing galactic races are represented through. They are contributing

and ensuring that all planetary systems are evolving, they are over seeing

evolution and devolution of the Cosmos. And so yes this planet is on purpose for

receiving the upgrade that it requires to sustain life in a higher dimensional

field, and that is where humanity, those who have agreed to participate in that

expandedness within the Cosmos are going into the 5th dimensional New Earth.”

P sd: “So the photonic light frequencies that are coming in, its my understanding

that we are moving into that part of the galaxy where there is alot of photonic

light. We’ve currently experienced alot of solar flares that are M class and X

class solar activity which they call solar maximum at the moment, how does that

fit in with the photonic light or monotomic frequency which is coming in, how

does that fit in together.”

HS sd: “It is all one and the same, it is the rippling of that frequency, Creator

Source energy, that is being directed toward, and, upon the planet at this time.

You need to remember this is a holographic planet, as is all life, it is a hologram,

it seems very solid but it is not.”

P sd: “So is the hologram that is our bodies, they are ascending, upgrading and

changing in frequency, moving into the next hologram of Blessed Earth, will that

be an easy transition.”

HS sd: “Your bodies are being prepared for that now and have been prepared

for that for some years, we ask you, has that been an easy transition for you?

P sd: “At times yes, at times no, there is physical discomfort in the body as the

body is releasing old dense energies.”

HS sd: “So this moment in time that you are experiencing now has been a

preordained event as it is apart of the evolutionary process. This planet, had it

have been left to the devises of those whom infiltrated it, would not be here

now. It has been intercepted by that which can be known as forces of good

which encompasses all Creator Source life, there is consciousness that is unseen

that is formless, seen that occupy a bodily vessel, that is contributing to this

evolutionary leap forward, this upgrade, there are many and varying species,

races, humanoid and otherwise that are contributing to this moment in time.

You are not an isolated species there are many who are contributing to this in

your now juncture of time. You are apart of something that is much greater

than you have been permitted to perceive and so we would say to you, even

though it appears outwardly that all these external situations upon your planet

are creating uncomfortability for you, we are here to convey to you, there is

something so much greater occurring for, and, to you. When you traverse and

integrate into that dimensional shift, what you will experience is elevation, bliss

and joy, and we understand that by and large you as human beings have not

experienced that in its entirety throughout your earthly lives. So it may be a

stretch for you to accept that because you have been based in survival at the

hands of those forces that have kept the human race enslaved. So you asked us

to describe the New Earth to you. Just at this juncture in time many are not

able to accept that, because you are still within the, WHAT IS. As your

consciousness expands more, as more of the inherent codes that are imbued

within you activate, will you then be able to see, feel, embody and appreciate

the newness of where you are and where that is taking you. That is the best

that we can convey at this time.”

P sd: “Will we see glimpses of this 5D New Earth, Blessed Gaia reality now.”

HS sd: “Yes, more and more as it is integrated into you through the activations.

You will see, you will visit, it is not that far from your now position.”

P sd: “It is not far from where we are now. There is no time, right.”

HS sd: “No, it is all simultaneous. That’s why it has been perceived by you on

the ground as taking such a long time, there is no time, everything is

simultaneous, as you, as beings, are turned on through the frequencies released

into your planetary body and your own physical vessels through that New Earth

5 th dimensional density level. So it is all in accordance with the integration

within yourselves, within your consciousness as to when you see that shift

substantiated around you.”

P sd: “Thankyou, is there anything you would like to finish off with, or share


HS sd: “This was a very complex topic to discuss for the words within your

English language are very limited, we have discussed multi dimensional,

simultaneous shifts in reality. A great many beings on Earth are still

impressioned by a rectangular box before them (references to a tv) which is

where they receive some of their perceptual understandings of life from, this

instrument was created to confine the consciousness not expand it and it has by

and large succeeded, however, a great many are expanding with the impulses and

waves of energy which is directed toward your planet at present and they are

expanding at a rapid rate which is driving the propulsion within this evolutionary

leap forward. So there is much to look forward to, we would say negate the

misbehavings of the old guard (referring to the global elites & negative power

structures), for their time is complete. Do not give them your attention, they

had ample time, now that is no longer available to them. Humanity is indeed

birthing a new reality, one that is more in alignment with harmony, co operation,

unity and prosperity for all universal citizenry. Allow yourselves the entitlement

of growing into so much more than what you have ever known before.”

P sd: “Beautiful, thankyou.”

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