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Scorpio New Moon – 13th Oct 2023

Scorpio New Moon – 13th Oct 2023 Sydney 8.30pm, Brisbane 7.30pm.

New Moons are always a point of endings and new beginnings as the Sun and Moon come together in the Sky. This is suitable time to contemplate, have solitude, plan/intention, set goals and then act on this for the next month. This is a new cycle and a completion of the eclipse season we have just completed. Scorpio knows about cycles and renewal, even transformation from one state to another.

Scorpio energy can be intense, powerful, dramatic, sometimes traumatic, however like a phoenix rising from the ashes the Scorpio dusts itself off and gets on with a new cycle. It ceases to amaze me when clients have strong Scorpio in their charts and the cycles they go through. Pluto rules Scorpio the planet of transformation and power and the old ancient ruler of Scorpio is Mars. Scorpio energy is strong at this new moon and so is Pisces energy.

Currently, we have Mars joining the Sun and Moon in Scorpio creating an intense, fiery alignment here. Mars in Scorpio is like an enthusiastic warrior, impulsive, emotional, and even vengeful. However, Mars is squared by Saturn in Pisces which can bring in restriction to mars and dissolve or challenge any impulsive actions which can cause a crisis. Uranus in Taurus here at the full moon will oppose moon, mars, and sun, which can cause excitement and sudden change. Mars in Scorpio may enjoy the excitement of conflict and challenge. This can certainly be a time to be mindful when out driving or other risks as this energy can be accident prone.

Fortunately, Pisces energy is strong with Saturn and Neptune both in Pisces, trining the moon, sun and mars allowing an opportunity to be more compassionate, intuitive, and gentle in manner. An opportunity to come from the higher self, seek to go higher in expression.

Uranus in Taurus opposite the New Moon can bring in sudden change in resources, money, or something we value could be changing. As the Taurus – Scorpio axis is about the financial axis, resources and what we value, there is certainly transformation and change occurring in this area. Will we see changes evident in the financial markets, housing markets, locally and internationally.?

Scorpio is like a detective or investigator discovering and revealing things that are subterranean, hidden deep dark secrets that are brought to the surface. What may come out of the dark and into the light is any bodies guess with a line up of planets like this. Let us watch and see what happens personally and collectively.

We are certainly in great times of transformation and power as we get closer to 2024 when the ruler of Scorpio – Pluto will move out of Capricorn and into Aquarius for the next twenty years. We are in the final stages or cusp of this momentous changeover of Power. We have not seen Pluto in Aquarius since the late 1700’s and this was a time of momentous change when the power came back to the people away from top-down authority. See: American Revolution - Bill of Rights, Constitution. French Revolution. How will this evolutionary time play out for Humanity, it will be yet to be seen.

Astrology is a forecast, as we look back to look forward, as we look at the energy of the planets. Astrological changes can be felt internally on a personal level or view them on an external or collective level in the outside the world. How we respond to these energies is up to us. Remember the planets and stars are not doing it to us. With the planets and Stars, it is like a frequency that is emitted between them, communicating information, and astrology is a way to read the energy alignments and it is up to us to how we interpret and experience these planetary shifts.

It is fascinating to observe the magic of astrology and how is co-insides with personal and humanities evolutionary changes. It can be a great tool to help understand personal changes that we experience throughout our life and can be a guidance tool to assist the great journey of life.

Enjoy this full moon, if you need contemplative time with solitude honour it, look inwards to connect to your higher self or source, take the time to hear your soul speak.

Love and Blessings,

Peter Rule


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