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Evolutionary and Transformational Astrological Shifts for 2024.

Welcome to the year 2024.

This Astrological year starts with the Sun and Pluto moving out of Capricorn on the 20th of January into Aquarius on January 21st January. Pluto will then be in Aquarius until 30th August 2024 and again at the end of November. Aquarius represents humanity, science and technology, space travel and the future. Pluto known as the lord of the underworld is the transformer and all about power, breakdown and rebirth. Decentralized Power and power back to the people will be a theme in 2024.

Another significant alignment is Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus on the 21st April. Uranus is evolution and very fast change like electricity. Uranus is also the ruler of Aquarius and looks back to look forward, leaving outdated ways of life in its wake. Uranus is also known as the Great Awakener of consciousness and combining expansive and lucky Jupiter we are sure to see evolutionary and even revolutionary changes in the theme of Taurus like currency, earth's resources, finances. A theme for 2024 could be an expansion in consciousness.

On April 8th there is a significant Total Solar Eclipse in Aries aligning with Chiron the planet of Healing and Teaching, sometimes crisis. This alignment of the Sun, Moon and Chiron in Aries will bring healing for humanity.

There are many more astrological events for the year of 2024 and guarantees to be an exciting year of change and fast evolution. Hold onto hats folks it is going to get interesting and a year I am personally looking forward too.

As an offering for 2024. I am offering an January Astrology Special for $160. (normally $210). Expires 31st January.

A 90min Astrology Session online or in person.

Contact me via email:

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