Naturopathy Consultations at Kunara Organic Marketplace.

Peter will be doing Naturopath Consultations now available at Kunara Organic Marketplace - Mondays and Thursdays in 2022. Naturopathic advice & solutions for detoxification, Sleep, Brain, Hormones, Mood, Stress, Vitality, Digestion and Gut Health plus much more. Bio-communication Consultations coming soon - uses specialized technology to assess your body to see what your body needs. Contact me for more information. The Naturopathic consultation aims to provide holistic soluti

“Times of Change”

By Peter Rule Dear Friends, As I write this post my heart goes out to all in Australia and around the world that are going through different types of challenges be it physical or mental health, fires, financial distress, relationship challenges or spiritual crises! 12/1/2020 or 13/1/2020 we have a major planetary alignment that has not occurred for 500 years. (1517AD) to be exact. This powerful and transformational alignment of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn has been building

I recently had an Astrology reading with Peter Rule at Noosa Holistic Health and I’d have to say

I was very impressed with his info. The reading was so accurate about my past, family patterns that were bang on correct and made complete sense considering my current situation. He also gave me some great tips for the future and how to handle the things that are coming up. Highly recommended for clarity and moving forward🙏🏼 I am going to book in a ‘past life’ healing session with him too. Amina Eastham-Hillier - Naturopath - Noosa Holistic Health. Life Path Astrology Consu