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I recently had an Astrology reading with Peter Rule at Noosa Holistic Health and I’d have to say

I was very impressed with his info. The reading was so accurate about my past, family patterns that were bang on correct and made complete sense considering my current situation. He also gave me some great tips for the future and how to handle the things that are coming up.

Highly recommended for clarity and moving forward🙏🏼

I am going to book in a ‘past life’ healing session with him too.

Amina Eastham-Hillier - Naturopath - Noosa Holistic Health.

Life Path Astrology Consultation

“Stepping out of the unknown into the known”

½ hour consultation (brief overview)

1 hour consultation

1 and ½ hour consultation

This insightful overview of your astrological blueprint is designed

to inform and bring into your awareness your personal

life design. Charting your personality strengths/limitations,

latent talents and how to best optimize them, life cycles

and how to best navigate and enrich them, family and

relationship patterns, behavioural predispositions,

upcoming opportunities and possibilities and how

to best negotiate the delicate balance of life.

This is not prediction but utilising your planetary

constellation initiated from birth to charter your

current life path and present transits that contains

your personal astrological alignment and information.

Informative, insightful, and constructive life

coaching is included in these consultations.

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