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"The Goat becomes the Unicorn"

Full Moon in Capricorn - 12 degrees. 3/7/2023 - 9.38 pm AEST.

Full moons brings a culmination of energy an awareness, an illumination of two polar opposites - Sun and Moon. At this Full Moon we have a Super Moon in Capricorn which means the moon is closer to the earth, intensifying the full moon energy.) The Sun is in Cancer, which is the ruler of the moon. Emotions can run high and our subconscious can run the show.

Capricorn the goat is ruled by Saturn - the planet of earthly experience, societal outcomes. Saturn also rules the 10th house which represents outcomes, society, contracts - marriage and work, boss, authority. Can be the house of the conditional parent - who made the rules.

Cancer is the sign of matter or form, in its rudimentary stages. Its ruler is the moon, the earth mother or builder of our physical bodies and personality nature. Cancer is represented by the crab. The crab is the symbol of matter, materialism, with very little self awareness and esteem. The awareness of self-hood or light within is not yet recognized or developed. This can represent humanity today who are trapped by the desire for material goods and the need to be " like everyone else" to validate their existence and confirm their being.

At the time of this super full moon in Capricorn, it is a time of anchoring in Matter, of using the physical form as a vehicle for the soul to learn lessons, available only in a physical incarnation. It is a time to use matter, but not be used by it, to work for the masses, but not be swayed and swept with it, to mold material for spiritual ends.

Full Moon Meditation:

In the stillness, feel quiet and centered

Imagine you are sitting in the center of a lighted, equilateral triangle.

It's sides are labelled Consciousness, Will and Love.

Feel the harmony, the strength, the balance - the absolute sense of stability.

From your position at its center, allow your consciousness to move


.....beyond your physical form

.....beyond our feelings and emotions

......beyond even your mind ......reaching far

.......beyond self, into the great Oneness......

.....Gently bring awareness to the stream of light through your body -

penetrating your mind, your feeling and emotions, your body.

Quietly, without losing the stream of light,

repeat the Great Invocation

SOUND: The triple chant of OM.

Full Moon Meditation an Evolutionary Journey

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