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The Aquarian New Moon - 12th of February 2021.

By Peter Rule

The Aquarian New Moon – 12th of February 2021. Eastern Australian Time (DST) – 6.07 am 12/2/2021.

Wow, what a new moon this one will be with 6 Planets all lined up in Aquarius. We have not seen this alignment since the 5th of Feb 1962 and there were 7 Planets all in Aquarius back then. In 1962 we witnessed the start of the hippie movement, communes, JFK, Vietnam protests, Cuban missile crisis. It was a big time of protests, human rights, with citizens rebelling and moving away from the corporate establishment and even from the city to the country to live in communes and be more self-sufficient. People wanted to be heard, have freedom and exercise their sovereign rights.

In comparison to now there are similar themes occurring, after all the big planets of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn playing out during 2020 with pandemic, lockdowns, social distancing, government controls. This is very Capricorn and with Pluto in Capricorn since 2008, are we not witnessing the breakdown of old systems that serve the corporation and the elite few, but generally not the whole of humanity. This Aquarian influx of energy will start a movement, an impetus to create new systems that will benefit all of humanity?

The theme of Aquarius is Futuristic, Humanitarian, Revolutionary, Freedom, Human Rights, Rebel. Aquarius is ruled by the Planet Uranus and its task is to break old patterns, particularly past old limitations that are obsolete and create new alternatives. Hence Uranus is the Innovator.

The ability of the Aquarian Energy is to encourage us to look back at what did work and what did not, and then move forward in a new futuristic way taking into consideration political, ethical, spiritual, and technological systems for the betterment of humanity. Aquarius energy embodies technology for the betterment of humanity and from an Astrological perspective, looks back to move forward in a new dynamic way. Our hopes and wishes, friends and groups all come under the heading of Aquarius.

What a perfect time to move forward at this New Moon, as new Moons support and initiate new beginnings. When two or more planets come together in one sign this is called a conjunction, where there is an emphasis on focus, concentration, and intensification of the energies. It is like the energies are married together, however, at this new moon we have a Stellium, defined merely as a group of 3 or more planets in a single sign of the zodiac. So this alignment really amps up the Aquarian Energy and the water Bearer for a thirsty humanity. The symbol of Aquarius becomes the Energy Bearer and represent the flow of pure energy, which can symbolise the movement of visionary concepts and ideas. Aquarius at this time expeditiously expands us, independently and collectively and nourishes humanities evolution of mind and consciousness. Expect expansion, growth, awakening, truth seeking and challenging the status quo. Great changes await us!

Enjoy your new moon in Aquarius.

Peter Rule

Life Path Astrology

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