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“Surging ahead in Evolutionary leaps and bounds” 1st & 2nd of August 2022.

The Astrological conjunction of Uranus, North Node and Mars coming together in Taurus is an astrological alignment that last occurred way back in Babylonian times, the time of Alexandra the Great. (Approx. 2300 years ago) according to astrologer Lada Duncheva. On the 31st of July, Uranus and the North Node will become exact at the 18 degree point of Taurus and then on the 1st of August Mars will be conjunct North node and Uranus and will continue until the 15th of August. Astrologers around the world consider this conjunction one of the most important astrological events for 2022.

All these planets and points are all in the constellation of Taurus – the sign of the bull. Taurus themes are earthy, practical, and fixed. Stubborn, Self-worth, buildings, farming, mother earth (tectonic plates), money, finance, food, shelter, creature comforts, resources from self are all words that come to mind with Taurus.

With Uranus we have the sky god, the higher communication planet that is interested in evolution, innovation, freedom, moving forward, leaving behind that which does not work anymore and taking on new, exciting, and innovative technology. Uranus the ruler of Aquarius also rules astrology and humanity, so interested to see if there is a surge of interest in Astrology, farming, currency, and housing.

Uranus energy is quick, like lightening and shocking like electricity, expect the unexpected and in the sign of Taurus which is known to not embrace change easily or quickly, it is not always a comfortable match. Embracing change personally and collectively can be an ongoing experience. With Uranus transits, it is revolutionizing the old ways of doing things and then move forward in new and exciting evolving ways. This is a message of Uranus’s – “let’s do it differently and better”

Currently, there is increasing Solar activity from the Sun with Solar Storms, CME’s (Coronal Mass Ejections), increased plasma energies and Schumann Resonance levels of the earth’s atmosphere which are registering off the Charts in recent days. The solar activities are cyclic and do happen and this is known. This major alignment is an indicator of the evolutionary changes that are happening to the earth and humanity as a whole. Our bodies will be receiving great amounts of energies at this time effecting us both on a cellular and DNA level. Many have predicted and talk of a grand solar flare or flash which is imminent at this time now. Uranus the Sky god is a higher messenger and ruler of Aquarius and the most powerful planet at this alignment point in Taurus. Astrological alignments such as the end of the Mayan Calendar in 2012 and the great Zodiac moving into the age of Aquarius are all signs of the changing cycles of we are currently in. The Aquarian age lasts for 2160 years.

When we investigate the news themes recently around the globe, we can easily see Taurean themes of fuel costs, food shortages, farmers protesting, financial upheavals in countries, increasing inflation, gold back currency coming back and the environment. It is easy to see the problems humanity is facing around the globe, and now the earth and humanity is requiring new innovative solutions to move forward to solve challenging global concerns. Uranus in Taurus (2018 – 2026) is here to revolutionize the current financial system, the way we use our environment, resources, currency, farming, and the way we are living on the planet for the good of everyone collectively.

The combinations of Uranus, north node and then Mars will intensify the energy of this astrological alignment. Mars the planet of energy, drive, war, and initiation will bring an energy of let us get moving which could fuel rebellion/revolution, freedom to evolve towards a new way of living on earth with our food, money and how we treat the earth. This is part of the story of “new earth.” On a personal level Mars is going to bring the energy and drive to your desires so could bring in a new and exciting stage of life for you.

New opportunities, new people or an event can come out of the no-where and you may start something new you may never have thought of. Mars brings an Intensity, so channeling that energy into movement or getting back into nature more if you have had too much technology time. Taurean themes of art music or dance can be good outlets, or even new business ideas or projects.

The negative side of mars is aggressive, pent up and frustrated. Mars can be restless and ready for war or a fight. Not the best way to channel this energy. Channeling this energy into constructive pursuits like movement, work, or something that you love to do could be good outlets. “Make love not war”

You may have buried desires that could suddenly erupt which could overwhelm. Sudden events that could give you more exciting freedom and evolution in your life could be overwhelming or nerve wracking. Embrace the change, be courageous and get ready for action as opportunities arise.

Over the next few weeks, we also have Leo/Aquarian Themes at this time creating a heart based, creative, Portal, and evolutionary time. On the 28/29th of July – New Moon in Leo, Lions Gate Portal, and Full Moon in Aquarius on the 12th of August. This will add exciting Uranian energies over these next few weeks and years to come.

This can be an exciting time for you and humanity – new people, groups, event, projects, activities, new opportunities to act on. Enjoy this evolutionary time.

If you know where the 18 degree point in Taurus is in your chart, you can see where these astrological transits will play out in your life and see what is happening for you at this time. Like to know more about your own astrology blueprint or even a workshop you can make contact below.

Peter Rule – Inspired Astrologer, Quantum Healing Healing Technique Practitioner, Naturopath.

Online Sessions available – contact

Face to Face Sessions available at Cinnabar Soul the July 29th, August 5th, 12th, 20th. Phone 0409463761.

Astrology Workshop – 21 August 2022. Cinnabar Soul Eumundi. Please contact for more details.

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