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Sagittarius Full Moon - 4th June 2023 - 1.43 am AEST.

“The Bowman” – Seeing the truth, use the arrows of thought wisely”.

Sagittarius is the sign of the Archer, balanced, shooting for the goal – a point of balance, equilibrium, once more – after the testings of Scorpio. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter – planet of joviality, luck, expansion. It is the 9th sign and rules the 9th House.

Sagittarius symbolized originally by the Centaur – half man, half animal. This Symbol originated in some previous cycle in Atlantis (from where we inherit our Astrology).

Sagittarius is the sign in which it is possible for the soul to begin to rule the personality and make it the vehicle for the soul.

The Sun is in Gemini – the opposite of Sagittarius – the twins – ruled by Mercury, messenger of the Gods.

Energies for this full moon – As man evolves and becomes more intuitive, as soul begins to rule instead of mind, so the “man or Woman” stands completely free of the horse. He becomes the Archer, standing alone, aiming his arrows, one pointedly toward the Sun, symbol of Light, Love and consciousness.

Thus, the man walks free, his aim clear, his direction straight for his spiritual home – Oneness! Piercing towards the illumination of the Spirit he uses his arrows wisely and with single mindedness of the soul’s purpose.

The Sagittarian Full Moon energies are an opportunity to stimulate this sense of direction, idealism, and one-pointedness.

It is time to use the energy to determine to take the necessary steps toward another way of life; to begin to allow the soul to rule, instead of allowing the personality to dominate.

Time to focus on our own goals – to see them more clearly; to discriminate between illusions, and the direction of the soul!

It is a good time to watch our thoughts! To see that they are truly directed forward and upward – for energy follows thought, and thoughts are very powerful.

Sagittarius is often termed a “sign of Silence”, for its is in control of thought that we learn restraint of speech. Handling the bow suggests a degree of mastery over the restless, inner dialogue and outer chatter of the gregarious nature which shows the Jupiter influence. When these can be replaced with Silence, then it is possible to attune to the finer vibrations of the soul; to see with clarity the point at which the arrows can be aimed.

Sagittarius is a fire sign.

Sagittarius is the spirit of truth, integrity, which propels mankind ever forward. Truth is found in inner quietness – listening in the inner stillness. The effects of Scorpio energies were to bring the freeing of illusion and sighting of the goal.

The Sagittarian energy is a beam of focused Light, illuminating the way forward.


Sound – the seven fold chant of OM

Follow – the vibration into stillness….

Take time – to be still, to become one with the inner silence – time to quieten the inner dialogue and the distracting thoughts.

Take time – to sight the goal – the point of universal consciousness in the higher, finer vibrations, far beyond the level of everyday living.

When - the point of balanced stillness is reached, feel your awareness speeding toward the higher goal, like a golden arrow sped straight to its mark of spiritual truth and Oneness.

SAY: the great invocation, feeling the words are coming from the point at which you aimed your arrow……

SOUND – the triple chant of OM.

Enjoy the Full Moon. Peter Rule

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