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Powerful Super Full Moon in Capricorn - 14th July 2022

On the 14th July 2022 at 4.39 am AEST the Moon in Capricorn will be opposite the Sun in Cancer. This is a super Full Moon meaning it is closer to the earth.

The Moon will also conjunct Pluto (Transformation and Power) in Capricorn and Sun in Cancer will conjuncts Mercury (Communication and Media) in Cancer. These planets all form a T-Square (Challenge/Tension/Crisis) with both Chiron (wounded healer/teacher) and Eris (Goddess of Strife/Discord) both in Aries (warrior/initiator). Many Energies are at play within this full moon with both challenging and ease/flow opportunities and magic.

The Sun in Cancer is a time of Nurturing, protective, tenacious, emotional, sensitive, reclusive, traditional home and family. Cancer is the sign of matter, or form in its rudimentary stages. It is ruled by the moon, "Mistress of Magic" - the builder of the physical bodies and personality nature - and what could be more magical than the creation of form, of life? Cancer is the symbol of the "Earth Mother", or giver of form. The Moon due to the influence of the tides she is associated with water and the emotions. Both of these are extremely strong components of the human form - 50-80% of the human body is water. The ebb and flow of tides is reflected in the mood swings generated by the emotions. Representing the formation of matter, Cancer is thus a group sign. Humanity en masse is symbolized by the crabs, moving is their myriads across the sandy shore to the water, entirely at the mercy of the tides, swept and moved by the group response. Cancer is mass consciousness, group responses; for most part confused and unfocused with no great individual awareness of the Objective. The Gate of Cancer is the door to experiences of human beingness.

The Moon in Capricorn is about Discipline, responsible, reliable, industrious, practical, achieving. Capricorn the Goat is rules by Saturn - the planet of earthly experience. Capricorn is the first of the three "service" signs: Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. In these signs a man leaves behind his little self and begins to move outward and serve humanity. Capricorn is the way of the initiate - which can be lonely and suffering at times. He must learn to understand Humanity and love them, "warts and all". CAPRICORN is soul conscious, functioning in matter to help humanity at its highest level.

At the time of the Full Moon the Energies are heightened awareness, projected and illuminated, a Sea-Saw effect where opposing view can be either in conflict or opposition. Balance can occur. The Energy of the Sun reflecting light on the Full Moon is ten fold on the Earth. This Solar power reaches the Earth through the etheric network and radiates throughout the planet and it's people in a direct chain... from Solar system to Sun; Sun to Planet; planet to conscious man, conscious man to man and the lower kingdoms (animal, vegetable and mineral) These energies are picked up by the human nervous systems which acts as mini-receivers/transmitters for the energies. At the exact time of the Full Moon we can use meditation to align ourselves and become most sensitive to, and there foremost responsive to the tremendous surge of energy released.

The time of Full Moon is an ideal time to use the vehicles of mass information (mercury/communication) to influence positively the mass consciousness. Eg; to launch a public education campaign on " Improving Natural Immunity" or "Healthy Lifestyle". The Manipulation of the population through media and propaganda are examples of the negative use of the emotional aspects of Cancerian Energies. We are requiring Powerful (Pluto) and transformational uses of these energies to empower people to move beyond the trappings of the desires for material good and the need to be "like everybody else" to validate their existence and confirm their being via matter. As the in flowing energy at this full moon intensifies the mass emotional response and will identify strongly with material form, for the evolution of man,

It is an opportunity to use mass psychology and mass response for MASS SERVICE -

  1. Propaganda - Education - accurate and well-informed

  2. Public Opinion - Change - toward better attitudes

  3. MASS " GOODWILL" - ENLIGHTENED public opinion

Gradually using the "mass" energies to help speed the evolution of the individual and therefore of Humanity as a whole.

In our present age of "Mass Media/Communication we have a perfect opportunity to serve Humanity through the right use of internet, television, video, films, theater, literature, music and education. These forms of communication have been Hijacked over the years with new technology for the benefit of the few and now with these last months of Pluto in Capricorn lets pray that the right use of the Cancer/Capricorn Energies can be benefited for individual and the collective whole of Humanity. As such this is a time to use matter and not be swayed it, to work for the mass, but not be swayed and swept with it; to mold material for spiritual ends.

Reference: Full Moon Meditation an Evolutionary Journey - The Khuti Foundation.

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