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“Stronger than he thinks, wiser than he knows – dare to swim against the tide!”

Pisces Full Moon – 21/09/2021 - 9.55am AEST – 28 degrees 14 minutes.

The Symbol of Pisces is two fishes swimming in opposite directions. Two directions – two choices - spiritual growth and achievement, leading to becoming a world saviour or suffering and self-undoing, depression, and despair. The Ancient ruler of Pisces is Jupiter, planet of joviality and modern-day ruler is Neptune, The Transender.

This Powerful Illuminating Full Moon in Pisces at 28 degrees has three other significant planets in aspect to it. The most obvious planet is Sun in Virgo 28 degrees, secondly the moon is conjunct Neptune in Pisces at 21 degrees and thirdly the Moon is sextile to Pluto in Capricorn at 24 degrees.

The Full moon is nearing its final degree of the Pisces, which is also the end of the zodiac cycle creating a powerful full moon in completion energy, which is also the Harvest Moon in the Southern Hemisphere a time of gathering in, of withdrawing inwards for renewal, a gathering of resources. It is a time when we can best take stock of our achievements and failures before we enter the next cycle on a higher turn of the spiral. Following this full moon is the Spring Equinox on the 23rd of September at 5.21am AEST, so we move into the next half of the Zodiac Cycle.

The Moon in Pisces will be conjunct Neptune in Pisces which adds to the Piscean energy of dissolving, escapism, rose coloured glasses, sensitivity, emotionalism and serving humanity. This transit can cause the negative, deceptive nature of Neptune not to hurt others and can cause a tendency to tell lies out of kindness. It feels very feminine and mother energy as well with this moon alignment and there can be a confusing or even victim energy if we allow it. It will take strength to rise out of this loss of power. This energy can also fertilize the imagination, there can be an idealistic streak and much kindness empathy and even sympathy for those less fortunate. A great time to rise out of emotionalism and serve our fellow man.

The Sun in its last degrees of Virgo, before moving into Libra at the Spring Equinox will bring an awareness and illumination 10-fold to maybe something that has been hidden or unconscious in the collective or that which has been denied. Can Virgo shine a light on the truth with exact science and information that goes beyond the illusory qualities of Pisces that may have been untruths/lies in our society. Will this full moon pull off the rose-coloured glasses of the collective and expose truths at this time related to health (Virgo)? The Sun in Virgo is still currently in trine to Pluto which brings a harmonising, flowing and ease energy to these planets. This can be the co-operating energies between the Sun in Virgo Trine Pluto in Capricorn. This is strong powerful urges and feelings which we need to learn from and trust that all is in order.

The other powerful planet here at this full moon is Pluto in Capricorn in sextile to the Moon and Neptune. Sextiles bring opportunity, ease, combining energy and compatible. Pluto is the Planet of transformation and whenever it transits another planet in the Zodiac it changes it for good and there is no going back, Pluto will be where we need to detox, let go, transform, expel. It is a very powerful dwarf planet and leaves no stone unturned and will bring things up from the depths of the subterranean.

Pluto is currently in Capricorn which can be represented by authority, structure, boss, corporate business, government, and this is currently undergoing its own transformation in readiness for the new energies of Aquarius in the next two to three years. Will this Moon/Neptune Sextile Pluto bring some sort of ease or maybe joy at this time, or will the rose-coloured glasses really come off and we come to realise that the current changes in our society, will mean there is no going back to the old normal, as it no longer exists, it is has gone, and is now transformed (Pluto) and transcended (Neptune).

Neptune the great Transender actively inspires movement into universal awareness and dissolves all barriers. It can bring spiritual insights and direction. A nice time to go within at this full moon. Turn off the outside noise off and listen to the inner voice, the greater aspect of yourself, instead of the outside. It’s a great time to bring spiritual insights and direction from within.

Energies for Today:

This time of Pisces full moon is a time of joy and release into loving service. It brings a chance to use the heightened awareness and inner spirituality to teach mankind how to move a little further along the path. For those who have shied away from the lessons of the past, Piscean energies bring a disturbing super sensitivity, negativity, and overwhelming emotion. The wonderful sensitive insights of Pisces, instead of been used for others (service) are turned in on self, which can cause depressing self -preoccupation and self-condemnation for the energies have not been used wisely. And are very powerful.

In Pisces we are meant to serve. In Pisces we are capable of altruistic love for every living creature. In Pisces we find no peace until we give and serve and find release. It is the death of the personality and release of the soul for true services as a world saviour.

Now at the close of the Piscean age, it is time to move beyond the emotional, devotional aspects of the sign and look to its deeper implications.





Use the heightened sensitivity which the Full Moon energies bring to take stock of our resources, and realise we have much to give to the world - and that in giving we will find further growth.

Now I am off to the Beach to enjoy this Pisces Moon Energy……. P.S. “I have a Pisces Moon”,

Peter Rule – Inspired Astrology.

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