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Get Grounded

Get Grounded

GET GROUNDED has light floral, spicy and earthy undertones that may assist a highly stressed state, feeling overwhelmed and overburdened, worried, anxious, reduce grief symptoms, mental and emotional shock or trauma, erratic behaviour, overtly mentally active or stimulated.  This formula may assist adults and children who are vibrationally sensitive and empathic, who are affected by environmental conditions, people, places and energetic undercurrents which they feel impacting on them adversely which invokes anxiety symptoms within their physical/mental and emotional bodies.  May calm and soothe the central nervous system, balance the energy bodies, ground and decompress mental thoughts, reduce distress, compose, centre and balance emotions.  Ingredients: organic jojoba oil, organic vetiver, frankincense carterii, palmarosa, patchouli, lavender.  Accompanying the 15ml roller bottle is an organic cotton pouch.


Warning: Do not use if pregnant, breastfeeding or an adult dose on children under 16 years.  Contra indications do apply. Please note that these are for topical use only, not to be ingested internally. 


For best results roll over 1 or more pulse points:  Wrists, temples, arch of feet, behind knees, inner soft elbows, tip of nose, beneath chin and roll down to sternum.  To balance the electrical circuitry of the body (nervous system) roll along the outer ear rim from the top to bottom of each earlobe.

Color: Black
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