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Taurus Lunar Eclipse - 28/29th October 2023

Taurus Lunar Eclipse - Full Moon – 28th/29th October 2023. 5 degrees 9 minutes. 7.25am Sydney. 6.25am Brisbane.

Taurus Solar Eclipse is the completion of the Taurus - Scorpio eclipse season which started back on 19th Nov 2021. What has come up for you in this time past two years as this is completing an eclipse cycle. Lunar Eclipses are like super full moons and can be emotionally charged. Lunar Eclipses can amplify and illuminate an area of life that needs to be looked at. This Lunar Eclipse will be a softer landing with Taurus here and for those willing to go beyond the emotions and observe, finding their inner strength. Both Scorpio and Taurus like the present moment, and as the Sun in Scorpio can be intense and tends to go inwards to process, face fears and shadows and go through a cycle of transformation, the Taurus energy wants peace and looks at nature in its positive expression which is more outside of itself. Taurus on the other hand can seek comfort in food and luxury to feel secure, or excess worry about money and abundance looking on the outside for the answers. This eclipse gives the opportunity to observe, look to nature as a reminder of its strength and resilience and its ability to bounce back. The past two years have tested everyone’s mettle with the increasing of inflation and therefore the cost of living, and this has pushed people to be more resourceful. Coming back to simplicity and an uncomplicated life is a Taurus trait, been resourceful has certainly been a theme and to simplify our desires. Maybe this lunar eclipse can remind us of the simple things in life that are important and shift away from the pain and upheaval we’ve all experienced in these past 3-4 years. Centre yourself and feel your inner strength as we finish this cycle of Taurus and Scorpio. Scorpio really teaches us to let go and transform on the inside. Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio, and this teaches us about our own empowerment and transformation. Scorpio is subterranean, shared resources, power, and hidden secrets. Wonder what secrets may be revealed after this eclipse. At this full moon/lunar Eclipse there is also the alignment of Mercury and Mars both in Scorpio (Conjunct) right next to the Sun in Scorpio opposite to Jupiter in Taurus (conjunct) next to the moon in Taurus. Oppositions are like full moons which illuminate and bring awareness. Mars opposite Jupiter here can show up as frustration about where life is now for us. This eclipse could bring motivation and determination to breakthrough anything that has become stuck or stagnant like old patterns or a release of the old that no longer serves. Jupiter is a planet of expansion however it is retrograde here, so some of these breakthroughs can be internal as well. Mercury in opposition to Jupiter is about communication and new and quick information could present as this time or we are quickly communicating. Take notice of what’s coming in after the Eclipse or leading up to the eclipse. A good time to journal and listen to your intuition. Give yourself permission to have time in nature and follow the intuitive signs that gives direction for your next move. Trust it! All in all, The Taurus lunar eclipse will be stable and strong, allowing a healing time to go within and trust your intuition. It could bring breakthroughs that allow you to expand into where you want to grow and thinking bigger than before. This will be the last eclipse cycle of Taurus and Scorpio for another 9 years. The strong effects of this eclipse will last for another month and for the next 6 months. Honor and value your energies with quiet time, meditation, or spending time with your inner nature. Peter Rule . . #peterrule #EvolutionWellness #astrology #eclipse #lunareclipse

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