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Solar Eclipse in Taurus and Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

Solar Eclipse in Taurus – New Moon – 1st May 2022, 6.30 am AEST. Partial Eclipse.

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio – Full Moon – 16th May 2022, 2.15 pm AEST. Full Eclipse.

The Solar Eclipse in Taurus is a New Moon close to the North Node in Taurus a point in the elliptic of the Moon. The planet Venus rules Taurus – the planet of beauty, love and harmony, relationships, self-worth, and value. Taurus themes are earth’s resources like food and agriculture, finance and how you earn your money. New Moons are always endings and beginnings point, and with a Solar Eclipse, this amplifies the energy of a New Moon, so they are like a super new moon. This partial Solar Eclipse is close to the North Node in Taurus and whereas the human collective is moving towards in our earthly quest. Think back to 2003 and what themes were happening about that time, as we are in similar themes of Taurus and Scorpio Eclipse’s that were happening 19-years ago.

At this Solar Eclipse we also have Uranus in Taurus saddling right up next to the Sun and Moon in Taurus. This amplifies this New Moon with a Uranian Energy signifying change, fast electric, evolutionary and innovative. Taurean energy does not always like change and particularly when fast. Taurus likes slow, methodical and needs to learn to embrace change. The Taurean energy is also a desire for the manifestation of material good, gains, resources, and the practical way to create this. The Taurean Energy feels good about themselves when a Taurean owns things however self-worth does not always have to depend on things, people, achievements we have in our lives. The desire to attain a more enlightened consciousness is when Taurus energy finds stability and assurance within. Then when things change on the outside, the Taurean energy has an inner stability which is helpful currently when there are changes in resources and food supply.

When Uranus comes in at this new moon, it shakes up the status quo with sudden changes and “expect the un-expected type themes. If you feel like the ground has been shaking the past two weeks under your feet recently, that is not surprising leading up to this new moon. There has been news of food shortages globally and I have noticed locally there are foods at the supermarket out of stock, are slow in production or brands have disappeared altogether. Prices have gone up with a rising inflation rate, due to transport, fuel costs, supply, and demand. This type of pressure is forcing us as humans to be resourceful with money, food and there is a trend of people moving to land and getting back to basics like they used to years ago - growing foods, getting chickens, simplifying their lives even on suburban blocks. The Uranus in Taurus theme can indicate finances and currency’s going through an evolving change into more digital currency, block chain technology and crypto currencies. There is also talk of countries going back to gold backed currency and away from the fiat system or Petro dollar. Uranus in Taurus is from 2018 – 2025. Will we see this evolve over the next three years.

This Solar eclipse is sextile Mars in Pisces which can bring in opportunities in a combining and compatible way. Mars in Pisces always reminds me of the spiritual warrior or a strong drive for a spiritual path. This could also present in the form of a person who is highly intuitive, in tune with their higher self or it could be yourself wanting to tune into your own spiritual or higher self. The negative side of Mars in Pisces is victim - like behaviour when faced with a challenging situation or person. It could come up at this time. With Jupiter, Venus, and Neptune all close together in Pisces at this Solar Eclipse this can really bring in romantic, beautiful, soft, creative energies of the Piscean Nature. Strong themes of subconscious emotions, highly intuitive, prolific dreams and visions could come with this heightened neptunium energy. Remember Pisces is all water and has no container or boundaries, so please be careful with your focus particularly when you need to focus like driving a car or handling machinery. Personal boundaries could be an issue, or we get can easily consumed or distracted by mainstream media or social media to the point of addiction. Pisces energy can be escapist and so watch out for the tendency to escape reality into a fantasy reality or worse still substance abuse or addiction.

This Solar Eclipse is a special time as it is leading up to the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse on the 16th May at 2.15pm AEST. This is a full Lunar Eclipse as the south node in Scorpio is right next to the Moon at 25 degrees Scorpio. Scorpio South Node is letting go, moving on from old energy’s that no longer serves us. This can be old deep emotional wounds that we have held onto for years. This Lunar Eclipse with also trine Neptune and Mars both in Pisces. This will add a beautiful flowing energetic harmony to this Lunar Eclipse. It is an easier co-operating energy which could activate creativity is art, music, or other natural talent. An old or new interest in spiritual teachings or esoteric philosophies may attract for your own learning and growth. Once again with Pisces energy watch the victim like behavior or escapism.

Eclipses have a 19-year cycles and in history eclipses are known to be the fall of the King or those in position of power like governments. Interesting time for the Australian Federal Election as it is in the eclipse window only 5 days after the Lunar Eclipse on the 16th of May 2022. Interesting Scott Morrison's Birthday is on the 13th May at 22 degrees, so this Lunar Eclipse is right on his sun sign of Taurus at 23 degrees only 2 degrees away from the Lunar Eclipse and right on his Neptune in Scorpio. It will be certainly interesting to see how this election pans out for him at this time. Let us see how this unfolds.

This Lunar Eclipse is amplifying the Taurus Full Moon which also happens to be the Buddhist Festival of Wesak – the festival of Illumination and Enlightenment. It is a celebration of awakening and liberation – for the use of the mind forms the bridge between matter and spirit, humanity and the Divine. The Buddha focuses this energy = the Enlightened One.

Wesak derives its name from of a location in the Himalayas where pilgrims gather to experience the floods of energy released at the time of the Full Moon, as the high point of this Festival.

These Next two weeks I consider to be a special time of completion of a 19-year cycle and new beginnings. New interests or starting something new particularly when Jupiter moves into Aries on the 11th of May can really get the energy moving in initiating this fresh new start.

Take care and nurture your body, ground yourself in nature if needed, let go of the old that no longer serves, look forward to a brighter future of abundant resources and enjoy this time. Pete

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