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Reflections of your Reality

How we feel, how we perceive, is always evidenced to us through the landscape of the reality we create for ourselves, the people we engage and interact with, the environment we personally construct around us. As many are feeling the fusion of higher frequencies integrating with all layers and levels of their being, many are unawares of the potential for transformation personally at this time. Many feel the intensity of change upon them without knowing how to direct that energy. The old adage, do differently to what you have always done and yield favourable outcomes is synonymous with the self development movement but one that has been steadfast through the test of time. As the matrix on earth is changing from 3, 4 and into a 5D reality through the intensification of photonic light alterations within our timeline, upgrades are available to all. This can be resisted or embraced, your current reality will evidence to you as to where you are situated at this time. Be gentle, be kind and be patient with yourself for in holding an intention to allow the best version of yourself to emerge, you will be internally directed to people, places and situations that will offer an opportunity of growth and expansion within yourself. In Light Tania Rule For further information go to:

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