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QHHT - Part 3 - Earth will break free from this hijacked simulation. Kate. July 2023.

This is a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique QHHT session by Peter Rule with a client we shall call Kate. She connects with her higher dimensional self which reveals a broader perspective explanation of what is occurring on Earth at present: This is one of several session excerpts that took place recently on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Peter’s notes: I’m finding that many individuals that have presented for a QHHT session within the last 4 years are bridging into their intergalactic heritage and as a result are bringing forth insightful and expansive information about the nature of time line shifts and quantum material collaborating a shift in consciousness divinely orchestrated for this very moment we are living within. Many people unknown to each other are validating similar information in their sessions. This client below was so compelling, offering hope for humanity, I just had to share.


Continued from except 2:

We now speak to Kate’s Higher Self Intelligence:

P sd: “Why was this particular life chosen for Kate to view today.”

HS sd: “Because of its relevance to what is occurring in your now time.”

P sd: “So Kate would like to know more about this planet being a simulation, can you explain that in more detail.”

HS sd: “Yes, all life in all places, in all realities is a simulation. A simulation is a collective set of principles, living constructs, that is created in order for beings to inhabit and receive the appropriate experience that the soul can flourish, gain from, on any given level.”

P sd: “So I can imagine that its like going into a movie theatre with 10 different movies playing and choosing to go into a particular movie for the experience it is offering, with different learning’s that come from that. Does this simulation come from Source, how would you describe that.”

HS sd: “There can be an original set of intentions for a simulation, however, it can go in innumerable ways and play out. Planet Earth for instance, is a holographic simulation, creator source, intentioned this planet to be one of great beauty, harmony, co operation and celebration of the goodness of life, however, there was a seeding of the opposite polarity within it and it has developed, deviated away from its original potential.”

P sd: “So this sort of leads into the next question, this corrupt power structure deviated from the original plan from what this simulation was supposed to be, has that power structure been dismantled now as things have noticeably changed and towards the better.”

HS sd: “Well it is shut down, all be it, outwardly it does not reflect that evidently just yet, there is this subterfuge which is still functioning in the same manner but in time these pockets that have been infiltrated and programmed in society will come to understand that it is not the preferred mode of existence any longer and it will become more difficult for them to enforce that old power structure.”

P sd: “So there is currently a clean up of what is there. “

HS sd: “Yes, however, it is not noticeably seen by those of you on the ground.”

P sd: “So what will the preceding matrix look like when this collapses, what will we see with this old power structure, top down authority and all these systems, what will that look like to us.”

HS sd: “So we can describe it in this sense, the holographic simulation will collapse, it is going to oscillate so rapidly that it disintegrates, so lets say you and your family have been living life in a particular way within a particular scene scape. Lets say the fences are knocked down and what you see out around you, this broadening of expanse is new to you. It appears as though you are seeing this new environment because there is so much more landscape to explore, that is what is going to occur with this Earth, so the enforced holographic simulation which is around a small portion of your planet that has been corralled let’s say, is going to disperse, disintegrate and what you will see within your landscape is an expanse of scenery, landscape that is new to you. Even in your skies, your atmosphere, there will be so much more to view, that is what is referred to as a New Earth. It has always been there, but you have not had access to it and because there is this infiltration of vastly higher frequencies enveloping planet Earth within a broader spectrum, it is infiltrating your confined space known as Earth, but what you inhabit is only a portion of Earth, you are expanding with the whole Earth, is that clear.”

P sd: “Yes, so is this 5th dimensional reality we are moving into still going to be a simulation.”

HS sd: “No, it will be the trueness of the intended Earth. The simulation is a construct, created by those that live by the opposite polarity of love.”

P sd: “So this, what we have been living in is what will be collapsing and dismantling and the systems within it will be dismantling also.”

HS sd: “Yes, and all the systems involved with it.”

P sd: “So it sounds like a computer that has just crashed.”

HS sd: “Yes, this is a good analogy, it can not be rebooted. And so there in itself as a community of beings you will be required to re-develop yourselves.”

P sd: “So with this role of re-development within the new 5D reality, what will Kate’s role be in that.”

HS sd: “It is a requirement to communicate clearly as you incrementally are exposed to more and more heightened frequency. Communicate clearly to any and all you come in contact with that show a desire to have their underlying feeling verbalised because many people are feeling a sense that something is occurring that haven’t as yet had sufficient expandedness within their consciousness to verbalise it or make any sense of it. That is the job at hand.”

P sd: “So to work as a sort of guide to explain to others what is happening on the planet.”

HS interrupted: “A Mediator.”

P sd: “I see, I have been coming in contact with many people who are feeling an undercurrent of change but are not able to put that into words.”

HS sd: “Well then you know what is occurring, communicate clearly if there is receptivity. This is what is encoded within you to do in this moment of time, that may change but in this moment of time that is apart of your functionality.”

P sd: “So I come across people who are wanting to know more and are understanding that there is something, an undercurrent to what they see and what is, but there are still those who are caught in the old holographic simulation, or the 3D matrix reality, they seem to be stuck in that paradigm.”

HS sd: “Let them be, just let them be.”

P sd: “Its my understanding that this collapse and breakdown is very near and imminent, what are your thoughts around that because we hear about this solar flash that is supposed to be the final icing on the cake to the collapse of this old simulation”

HS sd: “Yes it is, well that has been designated to collapse, the holographic simulated construct that has been in place for many millions of years. So it is all proportionate, the photonic wave that is coming through is going to melt the system, and by system we mean the simulated construct.”

P sd: “So will that finalize it in a way, the final breakdown as we currently have a lot of solar energies and photonic light that are bombarding the planet at this time and it is already having a huge affect on people, is this what is leading up to this.”

HS sd: “Yes it is, so as the layering intensifies, and it is layering because if it were to be directed to you within one instance, it would annihilate your physicality so there is a layering, a levelling occurring at this time and that is for you to adapt into, and integrate these heightened frequencies. There is going to come a time within the very near future whereby there will be sufficient enough of those who can successfully embody that heightened frequency and the inhalation of this simulated construct that has confined humanity to one centralised locality on the planet, will no longer be, there is so much more beyond it.”

P sd: “So there is more to Earth than we know to be so.”

HS sd: “It is monumentally bigger, you perhaps have seen but a quarter of it, and that is what is referred to as a New Earth for it will indeed be a new earth for you, it has been unexplored by you. It will be new terrain for you and there are communities that have been already erected and established beyond the simulated curtailment of this construct you call Earth, which is not, what you have been living within is an aspect.”

P sd: Thankyou for that, it may be very confronting for some to hear that.”

HS sd: “All is progressing as it should, do not get too caught up in information, let opinions go and we refer to anything you listen to, filter all through your own bodily barometer, even this.”

P sd: “Thankyou.”

Peter Rule is an experienced Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practitioner (Dolores Cannon method) and can be reached at

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