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Full Moon in Pisces

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Pisces Full Moon – 9/10 September 2022. AEST 8pm. 17 degrees Pisces.

At this full moon we have the influence of Neptune in Pisces at 24 degrees. This alignment known as a conjunction will influence this period in opposition to the Sun in Virgo.

Pisces is the 12th sign of the Zodiac Cycle culminating in the final service sign. The Symbol of the two fishes swimming is opposite directions represents two choices in this sign. The first choice is spiritual growth and achievement, leading to becoming a world saviour or the second choice is suffering, self-undoing and despair.

Pisces represents endings/completions, unconscious emotions, dreams, mystical, other worldly, escapist, deceptions, art, music, and dance. It can also represent retreats, hospitals, drugs, pollution, service to others, martyrdom.

We always must consider each zodiacal sign in relationship to its opposite. In this case, the opposite of Pisces is Virgo. The interplay between these two signs influences the evolution of consciousness by relating back and forth between emotional/astral experience in Pisces to the intellectual thinking process in Virgo. Pisces is a water sign, extremely sensitive and strongly influenced by the emotions and astral experience. Pisces has a fluid and psychic nature, and this can transform into sensitive intuition amplified at this full moon and the critical, judgemental thinking of Virgo is transformed into abstract thought and reason – based creativity. As our hearts open and we become more sensitive to our environment, we begin to align with the direction of our awaking soul.

The Sun in Virgo is Illuminating the moon with a tenfold beam of light which we see at the Full Moon. Although the moon is in Pisces, it is mirroring the Virgo depths, darkness, quiet and warmth of the womb currently. It is a time to be gentle, inevitable unfolding of the divinity within.’ This is the purpose for which life in its material form, exists, begins to be realised and is understood…

At this full moon, it is time of quietness, a time for going within. It is a period of deep, inner reflection wherein one can contact the essence of divinity deep in the secret places of one’s being. With Neptune in conjunction with the full moon in may bring psychic intuitive knowing’s either through dreams or an intuitive knowing. With all the mental noise of the Sun and Venus in Virgo plus Mars in Gemini, mercury in Libra this is a perfect time to quieten and allow the Pisces full moon to shine light on your inner selves.

Here is a suggested mediation you may like to do:

MEDITATION: Take time and settle and still, the physical and mental body. Make sure you are warm and comfortable. Gently with draw the senses, one by one – smell, taste, touch, sight, and hearing.

In the velvety darkness of your own inner space, focus on the tiny point of light at the centre of your being. Allow it to expand and radiate in the safety of your own “inner space” until it reaches a point where it expands beyond self and begins to radiate out into the world…….

SAY: The Great Invocation, seeing words filled with light and evoking a brightening of the inner light in all humanity.

SOUND: The triple chant of OM.

This full moon is a time when art, music, beauty in any form will stimulate the awareness of the inner light – the spark of the Divine. Create and Seek Beauty in all that you do- allow it to call forth a response from the souls of others.

Peter Rule – Inspired Astrology

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