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Differences between the 3rd and 5th dimensional realities:

Density vs Lightness; A condensed explanation;

When you awaken from the slumber and limitational influences that have been orchestrated within societies for eons, you suddenly align with an expansive unified field of awareness whereby anything is deemed possible, you know that whatever experience you can conceive is available to you. You no longer think in terms of restraints, rather in terms of actuality and alignment utilising thought play, daydreaming, visioning which presents as a tangible demonstration in your reality.

You light up, become a beacon and arouse light activation and ignition within others, not necessarily by anything you say but by the example shown. We are all entraining each other by our example. It’s now time to choose from which vantage point do you wish to participate from - old model 3D or incoming 5D, for soon the slip stream of heightened photonic light released into the stratosphere and atmosphere of earth will reveal the choice you have made and evidence the outcome. By elevating your vibrational set point you are saying yes to expansion and the integration of your higher divinity into physical form, inviting in a new and improved way of functionality into your reality.

We are currently witnessing dramatic duality unfolding in this reality, this is indicative of the light and dark interchange revealing itself as to the orientation you are choosing to be apart of. This play out is simply reflecting to us as to where we are placing our awareness in any given moment. As we intention with incremental steps, the direction we would like to move toward, the reality we would like to experience, it becomes more apparent to our outer physical senses

In Light

Tania Rule

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