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"Birthing a New Higher Vision"

Full Moon in Gemini at 27 degrees. Today at 2.37pm AEST (Brisbane) 3.37pm DST (Sydney)

The Sun will be at the 27 degrees Sagittarius. This significant degree point is known as the Galactic Centre, the Centre of the Milky Way. This Galactic Centre (GC) has the most abundant gravitational energy in the galaxy, so active astrologers think of it in planetary terms. It has a Sagittarius theme of law, adventure, travel; higher education be it spiritual or philosophical and Vision Quest. Always interesting to see where this sits in your own personal birth chart.

This Full moon in Gemini creates a bridge linking the earthly and the Celestial realm. A suitable time to set a higher vision for our philosophies and beliefs which really kicked off with the 4th of Dec – New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is known as a seeker of truth as a whole and then using the arrows of thought wisely. Gemini is an Air sign, having freedoms to work with ingenuity, invention, reasoning ability and literacy skill.

At this full moon is an opportunity to stimulate a sense of direction, idealism and one -pointedness. It is a time to use the energy to determine to take the necessary steps toward another way of life allowing the soul to rule, instead of allowing personality to dominate. Time to create a new goal or vision for the future, see them clearly and discriminate between illusions and direction of the soul. A suitable time to watch our thoughts and focus them forward and upwards - Energy follows thought, and thoughts are powerful.

If you want to restrain speech today and controlling your thoughts this is a very Sagittarian theme - “a sign of Silence” to master the restless, inner dialogue and outer chatter of the gregarious nature of Jupiter’s influence with Sagittarius. When we replace silence, then it is possible to attune to the finer vibrations of the soul, to see the clarity point at which the arrows can be aimed.

Sagittarius is the spirit of truth, which propels humankind ever forward. Truth is found within; in inner quietness – listening in the inner stillness. The Sagittarian energy is a beam of focused light, illuminating the way forward.

Meditation Suggestion for today's Full Moon in Gemini.

SOUND – the seven-fold chant of OM

FOLLOW – the vibration into the stillness…

TAKE TIME – to be still, to become one with the inner silence – take time to quieten the inner dialogue and the distracting thoughts.

TAKE TIME – to “sight the goal” – the point of universal consciousness in the higher, finer vibrations, far beyond the level of everyday living.

WHEN - the point of balanced stillness is reached, feel your awareness speeding toward the higher goal, like a golden arrow sped straight to its mark of spiritual truth and Oneness.

SAY: The Great Invocation prayer, feeling the words are coming from the point at which you aimed your arrow….

Image Credit - by Lucis Trust

Reference Credit: Full Moon Meditation an Evolutionary Journey - The Khuti Foundation.

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