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A New Earth Birth For Humanity - QHHT - Part 2.

August 2022.

A Quantum Healing Hypnosis Excerpt - Humanity is crowning, ready to birth into the Glory of the 5th Dimensional New Earth!

PART TWO: Further information from a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session;

Peter called in this clients Higher Self after discussions with her multi dimensional self which is of the Andromedan race. This clients name has been withheld.

P sd: “I know the subconscious could have brought forth many different lifetimes for you to see today, why did the subconscious bring through this particular incident for you to view?”

HS sd: “It was necessary to bring this imagery into her awareness, her conscious awareness for she has been feeling somewhat alone and we wished to impress upon her that she has multitudinous support with her, multi dimensional support all the time.”

P sd: ‘It sounds like there is alot of amazing support there for her.”

HS sd: “She has what is known as a sub set of the Andromedan civilisation at her disposal for she is apart of that species subset.”

P sd: “Was that the place she went to, was that an Andramedan Civilisation .”

HS sd: “Yes.”

P sd: “And those beings were they Andromedans.”

P sd: “So is that of her origin.”

HS sd: “Yes.”

P sd: “So is there any more information you could share with us today about her experience of going back to her origins and talking about this Grand Solar Flash, it has been talked about, and I was wondering why this connection was brought up.”

HS sd: “Yes because she has been feeling instrumental tension build up within her body, particularly the last two days and so we wished to impress upon her that there is reasoning for that, as she was seated and a close member of the Council approached her awareness, her view, that being was communicating to her directly, so we wished for that to remain within her conscious recollection of who she is, that being that stepped forward to communicate to her, was her”

P sd: “So that was the reason for that. HS sd: “Yes. And what is this tension that she has been feeling.”

HS sd: “The energy that is being directed toward the Earths atmosphere, let’s say exosphere, thermosphere, mesosphere, stratosphere, troposphere, biosphere of the planet, is gaining in momentum, there is no turning down the dial now.”

P sd: “So is there any more to mention about this dimension that she goes to that she is connected to all the time, is there anything else that might be helpful for her to know at this time.”

HS sd: “She traverses to and fro constantly, there is no separation all be it, it seems as though she is predominately anchored in the physicalness, there is none of that, she is predominately situated there, a very condensed aspect of her occupies the physical vessel.”

P sd: “So is there a light body of hers that is there at this same time or is it her spirit body.”

HS sd: “It is her consciousness, there is a fraction of her consciousness within the physical and the majority where she went.”

P sd “Thankyou for that, I’d now like to ask some questions this client has written down.” HS sd: “Yes.”

P sd: “It was spoken by you, the clients collective group of one, or higher self, that the great plasma wave, known to many of us as a solar flash will occur in October, is that time allocation still on course.”

HS sd: “it is conjecture, there are many variations available to play out.”

P sd: “And why is that, might that be that the collective consciousness of humanity has expanded.”

HS sd: “Yes, there has been a significant awakening within the masses of Earth, so as described earlier there is an interstellar Cosmic Council that has within it, lets say designated interstellar representatives within it that are overseeing this current formatted shift and they work closely, lets say, collaborate closely, with the evolved levels of, (stops momentarily) hierarchy, is not the correct word, the many differing planes and dimensions of existence until the creative source of all existence is reached, it filters up from this cosmic collective of representatives and they oversee the goings on within this Earthly reality. So it is fast approaching that the release of the fullness of plasma light which filters through the 5th dimensional sun known as the Central sun, is released within this framework of existence which then permeates like a sound wave, ripples out into this solar system.”

P sd: “Will there likely be a sound.”

HS sd: “No, there will not. There will be a convergence, a boom, and a ripple of energy matter, through the Earth and through the beings upon the Earth.”

P sd: “And would we likely see light or would it be more like a wave that occurs.”

HS sd: “It will be like a sonic boom, and a ripple of high density, highly concentrated light, rippling through individuals. Some will be vastly winded by it as it penetrates and moves through their physicality.”

P sd: “And is this when the additional DNA strands will be activated for this client and Humanity that have made the choice to ascend.”

HS sd: “Yes upon that contact will be an instantaneous activation of this light and the ignition on, to greater strands of DNA enactment, but in that there will be a lifting into a finer frequency field, a finer dimensional field.”

P sd: “So with that lift up into a finer dimensional field will those that ascended so to speak, the world, be a different place.”

Hs sd: “Yes, it will be unrecognizable to your senses.”

P sd: “And what will this look like for this client personally and others with this DNA activation.”

HS sd: “She will feel the, we say sonic boom, but there is no audible element, there is whiteness when it hits the Spheres around Earth, and it will hit with great intensity, however, she will most certainly feel it, but she will manage it, it will not wind her. All individuals will receive this influx of plasma light differently, depending on the degree to which they have allowed or intentionally collaborated in their expansion.”

P sd: “And with this DNA activation, will it activate different faculties in a different way, will she have different talents, skills and awareness that may not have been present before.”

HS sd: “Oh yes, absolutely, when more of what you truly are is permitted to be, yes, for everyone that is transferring from this lower frequency field into the next all will have greater gifts and skills, shall we say, that have been untapped as a resource because that is what you are, you are consciousness, you are God Source in form, you originate from that form of Creator. So yes there will be a new version of selves to acclimatize to.”

P sd: “Is that why we see so much division with people on the Earth at the moment because of these bi-purifications going on, divisions, because of those being activated that are moving towards the ascension and those that are not choosing to, its happening within relationships, businesses, families, its really noticeable. So its becoming increasingly difficult to be in certain environments and with certain people because of this”

HS sd: “Yes indeed, whilst the fullness of that plasma wave is yet to be released there is the intensity of its build up which you are feeling within, which activates templates and codes within the consciousness and DNA, so yes, it will affect each and every one very individually however you will see the diversion from people, places, activities that once has been indulged in that is not longer tolerable to be within now, so there is much sorting out occurring through natural volition upon the planet now whereby people are more so than ever, attracting to like minded groups and individuals. They are coming together in groups and with individuals from where they originate from, and we are not referring to locally only, but intergalactically.”

P sd: “Would these be called soul groups.”

HS sd: “Yes.”

To be continued:

Peter Rule is a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner (Dolores Cannon method) on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. He can be reached at:

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