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Evolution Wellness

Evolution Wellness with Peter Rule is a balanced, integrated & holistic approach to assimilating, restoring, and achieving wellness, vitality and insight of self on a multi-faceted level.  Through 30 years of accumulated knowledge, experience, and application, we utilise time honoured ancient methodology and futuristic technology to activate your healing intelligence and potential.

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Peter provides services to help you unlock your potential. Explore below to find out more.

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Nicole - Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Hi Pete,

QHHT with Peter literally changed my life. I have been on a journey of self-discovery for some time now. Following this session, It really propelled me forward in my healing process. It cleared emotional blockages and gave me some much needed clarity to move forward with my life. I had this session in October last year and within 6 months, I had decided and committed to a much needed career change. I have a much deeper understanding of myself, particularly my emotions and how to manage them. This has also helped me to understand those around me. My approach to new and existing relationships has changed for the better and I have come so far compared to where I was a year ago. Peter, I am eternally grateful for all that you have helped me with and I look forward to crossing paths in the future!

Thank you


 Renee - Inspired Astrology

Just wanted to say a huge Thank you today Peter. I felt such a great vibe and energy and I will definitely be back to get a past life regression and some crystal light clearing work done!

You have a real gift and I'm so thankful to have finally met up with you.

Loren - Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Doing a past life regression was a life changing experience for me. It helped me to understand my current relationship patterns and understand the connections I have with people in this life. This process enabled me to let go of relationships that were no longer serving my highest good with love and move on gracefully with a peaceful heart.
The process also enabled me to look at the loving relationships I have in my life and why my connection with those people was so important. Since my session those relationships have only deepened in strength and love and it is something I am truly grateful for.
The work I did with Peter has helped me to release blockages that were preventing me from moving forward. Since the session not only have my relationships improved but my career has moved in a direction I only used to dream about.  I feel like I’m becoming the person I always wanted to be.
The experience of a past life regression is truly one of the most insightful and valuable things I’ve ever done.  Peter works from a space of such authenticity and integrity that you always feel safe and respected during his sessions. His years of experience in the wellness industry add immeasurable positive benefits to this type of session. I honestly cannot recommend him or this treatment highly enough.

Amina Eastham - Hillier - Astrology

I recently had an Astrology reading with Peter Rule  at Noosa Holistic Health and I’d have to say I was very impressed with his info. The reading was so accurate about my past, family patterns that were bang on correct and made complete sense considering my current situation. He also gave me some great tips for the future and how to handle the things that are coming up.Highly recommended for clarity and moving forward🙏🏼I am going to book in a ‘past life’ healing session with him too.Amina Eastham-Hillier - Naturopath - Noosa Holistic Health.  

Andre Obradovic - Performance Hypnosis

" I am a high performance age group Triathlete. I recently engaged with Peter for 2 sessions to improve my performance. Session one was prior to my race at the Sunshine Coast 70.3 Half Iron man in September 2019. I must say this was the best performance I have ever had and I believe it was partly due to the work Peter and I did together on my Mindset with his Sports Performance coaching hypnosis we did together. I completed the race with a very positive approach and did not go negative at any stage and this is exactly what we were working on together. I also did a follow session to help further cement the learning's when Peter came to Melbourne. I highly recommend Peter as a Health Practitioner and Coach. He has a wealth of experience and is a very caring and kind professional. 

Andre Obradovic - Certified PCC ICF Coach  -  Speaker. LCHF Coach. Founder of Which Path Coaching Pty LTD - Swinburne University of Technology. Melbourne, Australia

Suzanne - Inspired Astrology

I had a great astrology reading with Peter Rule yesterday  It was very life affirming; it gave me clarity, confidence, gratitude and an ability to relax into my life and trust my instincts more deeply. Highly recommend -- Suzanne Grey - Gold Coast Yoga Centre.

Gemma  - Quantum Healing Hypnosis

“ I went to Peter for a Hypnotherapy session. To connect with my higher self and ask questions to do with my mental health about changes that I want to implement in my life. I want to say quickly and simply I got these questions answered. Thank you Peter. I felt so safe and comfortable in your working environment. I have a strong and ever strengthen connection to my spirit but I knew in my intuition that I needed Peter to hold space for a deeper knowing to be accessed. Since the session I have felt joyful and grounded in my body and spirit. I fell another level of consciousness has been accessed to me as I asked for it to be available for me. I am now acting on my intentions that I called in, and feel empowered in making steps towards that which serves my highest good in my mental health. Thank you again Peter Rule.  “

Gemma Louise Townsend- Petras

Mel - Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Hi Peter

In regards to the QHHT.. There are many main learnings. The biggest one was confirmation in my life's direction. I was confused and now I'm completely clear. I feel relieved as the guidance answered many questions. I feel more vitality. I really have so much more energy from the cell rejuvenation healing and the dark cloud I held has well and truly been removed. I feel excited that I've communicated multidentionally, which creates intrigue in so much more and sparks more growth. 

Overall, I feel it was a mind, body, soul healing combined. I actually feel proud of myself and what I'm achieving, instead of not feeling enough. Very powerful and forever grateful. 


Felicity Oriander

'I had a 90 min astrology consult with Peter, but he was generous with his time and it ran over! He wove numerology, conversation and astrology together beautifully and I learnt HEAPS about my chart, how to interpret it and next action steps. Peter is thorough, professional and has a lovely, kind and personable demeanour. Thankyou so much Peter!'

And Thankyou so much for the handwritten notes and chart!
Blessings for your day and year.
Felicity Oriander

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