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What is QHHT?

What is Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique or QHHT? By Peter Rule

"Our current life is often affected and shaped by our previous life experiences which are embedded within our consciousness.” We are in our entirety the composition of light particles and consciousness that is slowed down sufficiently to conjure these physical bodies we all are interacting with daily. Some have an awareness of this, some may not. Within our consciousness we all hold extensive memory of lives we have lived previously. We are truly glorious, we hold within our consciousness all wisdom, all answers and foresight to past, present, and future existences, each one of us has this capability. However, when our soul (consciousness) unites with the physical body at birth, miraculously much of this is forgotten. We are then influenced, shaped, and molded by our demographic locality, family design, societal, governmental, and cultural traditions, and our own mind generated perceptions of self.

If you are ready to identify and understand why you may hold unfounded fears, lack luster of life, difficulty in relationships that dominates and prevents you from experiencing certain activities, participation and adventure of life, wish to understand relationship dynamics with particular people or why bodily aches and conditions continue to linger after seeking treatment to remedy them or would like to connect and access a greater version of you, then I’d like you to consider Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique or QHHT. A deeply dynamic Regression Therapy with a difference. This is undoubtedly quite unique in its application from other regression techniques. Founded by Dolores Cannon from the United States in the early 70’s, it gently navigates clients into a deep relaxed theta state allowing revision of past lives which may be affecting your current life, requesting healing from the higher self to be administered to greatly minimize or remove the origin of impact from past life or a current life event. The client may also prepare and present personal or universal questions via the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Facilitator, directed to their own higher self which may assist to bring healing, clarity, understanding or direction for the individual. Within this treatment the Practitioner aims to access the right side of the brain to connect to the Intuitive part of yourself known as your higher self or super consciousness. In working with this method the Practitioner is not limited to past life or current life, but can access progression, or future life, to find the answers you are seeking which may include: life purpose and lessons, personal concerns, health concerns, work/career, relationship dynamics, spiritual path/personal development questions and universal or ascension questions. Once at this level called theta, we can then proceed into your past life, current life or even future events and lives to receive a clearer perspective for what is affecting you now. At this time, your subconscious mind is supervising the proceedings and will direct the most appropriate place to go for the information that you are required to recollect and review. I whole heartily have witnessed tremendous shifts in clients who have presented to me as a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner. You are the bridge to your own healing and improvement, as a Practitioner I am offering a road map, a set of directions to cross it. Peter Rule – QHHT Practitioner.

Peter Rule Peter has a compassionate and holistic approach to clients and in recent years has introduced Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and his enthusiasm and love toward the exploration of Astrology, in particular a unique Astrology soul infused consultation aptly named Inspired Astrology to his collective experience, with favorable results. At this particular time in the Planets evolution and humanities ascension, the offering of a Inspired Astrology Reading is timely, assisting clients to better understand themselves and their relevance in the cosmos. He also conducts public speaking engagements on topics such as Quantum Healing Hypnosis Experience and Astrology Seminars at various events.

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