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Triathlete Testimonial

" I am a high performance age group Triathlete. I recently engaged with Peter for 2 sessions to improve my performance. Session one was prior to my race at the Sunshine Coast 70.3 Half Ironman in September 2019. I must say this was the best performance I have ever had and I believe it was partly due to the work Peter and I did together on my Mindset with his Sports Performance coaching hypnosis we did together. I completed the race with a very positive approach and did not go negative at any stage and this is exactly what we were working on together. I also did a follow session to help further cement the learnings when Peter came to Melbourne in October. I highly recommend Peter as a Health Practitioner and Coach. He has a wealth of experience and is a very caring and kind professional.

Andre Obradovic - Certified PCC ICF Coach - Speaker. LCHF Coach. Founder of Which Path Coaching Pty LTD - Swinburne University of Technology. Melbourne, Australia

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