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Timely Guidance On The Current Energies

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

This coming week will see an intensification for those amongst humanity, whom have chosen in this juncture of time, to ascend to the 5th Dimensional time line. You will witness perhaps extreme physical symptoms and discomforts arising spontaneously, trust your bodies, if you have provided all of the nourishing care and provisions for your earthly vessel, it knows what is required for you. Your physical suits are being upgraded beyond comprehension and appreciation to what has been felt previously, in preparation for the fullness of the photonic light wave, released from the nuclei of creation, Source, and directed through the Cosmos via the allotted Galactic intermediaries.

At this moment, you in your physical vehicles are likened to the labouring passenger plane positioned on the run way in readiness for take off, the turbine jets are increasing in velocity, you can hear it audibly, feel the power increasing, then the impact of take off, you’re thrust back in your comfortable chairs, the plane proceeds forward at accelerating speed, gaining momentum and the wheels recede as this big cumbersome craft lifts off the ground and away you go to your destination, in trust that the captain, 1st Officer and cabin crew will deliver you to your location safely.

This is you beloved one and the many who have chosen to take a ride on this passenger plane to your chosen destination, except, you will not require a carrier craft of metal, alloys and mechanics, it will be your physical vehicle! Trust dear ones, trust that YOUR bodies intelligence is more than equipped to transport you to the New Earth, that the innumerable celestial crews surrounding you all at this time will assist in delivering you to your rightful destination safely.

This forthcoming week will evidence shifts occurring within you, which harmonises you into the convergence of the 5th Dimension.

In Light

Tania Rule

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