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“Seeing the truth as a whole, use the arrows of thought wisely”

Sagittarian Season - November 22 - December 21.

The Constellation of the Archer – Balanced, shooting for the goal comes a point of balance, equilibrium, once more after the testing time of Scorpio season. The theme of Sagittarius is Knowledge and seeking and teaching the truth. Sagittarian energy is expansive, flexible, exploratory, diversified and evolving. Sagittarius is the sign in which it is possible for the soul to begin to rule the personality and make it the vehicle for the soul.

The past month has been an Intense time in the Scorpio energies and culminating on the 19th of Nov with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus and Sun in Scorpio. This was a big one and longest eclipse since 1450. Nearly Six hundred years ago, so it must be significant. The Intensity of this Eclipse was strong and carry the energy of endings and what we must let go so we can have room for the new before the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 4th of Dec in Sagittarius. This is about what we need in our lives. This energy will have an effect for the next 6 months and eclipses can have even a larger cycle of 18.5 years, so think back to the energies of Dec 2002. Expect New Beginnings with this Sagittarian New Moon Solar Eclipse.

This time now between the eclipse’s it is an ideal time to release the old stuff and baggage we no longer need or anything that is untrue for us. Clearing out old beliefs, dogma’s, philosophy that no longer serve us or humanity. Sagittarian energy will bring in Expansion, adventure, Optimism, Beliefs, Exploration, Experiences and of course freedom particularly at this New Moon Solar Eclipse.

Sagittarian themes are also about truth and after 18 months of smoke and mirrors particularly by our Media, Governments and Medical Institutions, this is a time where it could come back and bite them. It is a little wonder that people are confused and questioning the Narrative and what is going on out there, what is truth, who is saying the truth and who do you trust. The constant restrictive lock downs and stupid Authoritarian conditions that make no sense have also created a worldwide distrust of government leaders that is a law unto themselves. Will we see more Lawsuits coming out against the Governments current situations? Will the truth be more fully revealed, and will the mainstream media start to speak the truth as well? I remember an old School motto – “The truth will set you free”.

This coming Sagittarian season is a time to come into your own truth, philosophies and beliefs that are true to you. Going within and listening to your own intuition and higher truth is the key. Sagittarian is all about higher knowledge and learning. So suitable time to explore this aspect of yourself more and trust your own feelings on what is true for you!

The New Moon - Solar Eclipse will be full and short on the 4th of December. Time 6.45pm (

ADST). The eclipse path will travel across the southern tip of Australia, New Zealand, South America, South Africa, and Antarctica. Wherever Eclipses cross on the Globe, this area is affected, so I am expecting new beginnings in these areas over the next couple of months.

At this Sagittarian Solar Eclipse set new intentions, with hope and optimism about a new earth, a new future, the one you would like to live in. Be expansive in this and hold that intention for a life you want to create. “Trust your truth”. This Saturday night - Take the time to relax your physical, emotional, and mental bodies with some relaxing music. Connect into your body through your breathing and then your higher self. Trust in a higher power and put forth your intentions for the coming month, 6 months, or 19 years. The words and thoughts you put out are powerful.

“Seeing the truth as a whole, use the arrows of thought wisely”

Blessings to you all,

Peter Rule – Inspired Astrology.

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