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Scorpio Season - “A powerful time of transformation”

When something transforms it does not go back, it is changed forever. Changing from one state to another is like the transformation of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. There is no going to back to what was once considered normal.

Scorpio season goes from the 23rd of October to 21st November for 2021. At this time I can only imagine what deep & dark secrets will be reveled at this time to humanity.

Will hidden truths be revealed and brought to the surface so that we can be liberated.

Scorpio energy tends to bring up that which is hidden both personally and collectively. This is a powerful time astrologically (see current transits below) and after the past 2 years of global events and now coming into Scorpio season many planets will be activated at this time like Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Uranus, Sun, Moon, Mercury. On the 5th of November there will be a new Moon in Scorpio , opposite Uranus in Taurus. Two weeks later on the 19th of November the first eclipse will be a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus activating the Taurus (Resources) - Scorpio (Power) Nodal axis. This will set the tone for the next two years. We will be completing the Gemini (Media)- Sagittarius(Truth) axis with a New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 4th December. This cycle has been there since June 2020. It will be an interesting time in our Media leading up to this date I feel. Watch this space as eclipse season's are powerful changes that can be the beginning and end of something.

Scorpio is a powerful sign is ruled by the planet Pluto. Traditionally before the discovery of Pluto in 1930 it ruled by the planet Mars. Scorpio is represented as deep, intense, passionate, regenerative, reproductive, secrets, under currents and hidden gems. Scorpio feels like the great alchemist who can transform base lead into gold. Animals associated with Scorpio is the Scorpion, Snake, Phoenix and Eagle. It can also be associated with Shaman's and those that are able to see into other realms.

Scorpio is emotionally intense and can be focused, determined, persevering, and sustaining. Scorpio is a fixed sign and if you would like to get the job done Scorpio energy or people can get the job done to the end. It can also be that dark hidden place where secrets are or those topics that are not often talked about like death, dying, sex, even birth for that matter. It is raw and sensitive.

Scorpio is subterranean, beneath the surface and can be a great detective or psychotherapist finding something hidden or held deep with someone’s psyche. People can trust them with their secrets. There is a trust with a Scorpio person, and they may quietly demand that loyalty and trust at the same time. Hidden secrets can be revealed at this time and brought to the surface. Try to pull the wool over a Scorpio’s eyes and you may come off second best. The scorpion stinging tail may just come back to sting you and they can have a long memory. They will get to the heart of things and watch out for that tail if you have done wrong by them.

The Astrological Chart has 12 houses from Aries to Pisces representing different areas of life. The 8th house is associated with Scorpio. This is area of life is about shared resources, sex, money, power, death, inheritance, resources from death or a partner, other people’s resources. It can also be expanded experiences, worldly experiences, shared interests, collective worth and skills, Intimacy. It is where we share with a partner be it personal or even business.

Have you ever looked into the eyes of a Scorpio sun or rising sign, you can sometimes see the intensity in their eyes or even just been in their presence? Sometimes the Scorpio gaze can appear other worldly like they are seeing into another dimension or better still looking right through you. Not always comfortable for some.

Interesting Scorpio season coincides with Halloween been celebrated on the 31st of October which is on the eve of all saint’s day – 1st Nov. Hallow means honor as holy, a saint or holy person refers to saints celebrated “all saints day” and een is derived from the word “eve”. Halloween is just an old-fashioned way of saying “The night before all saint’s day”. It is a Christian feast celebrating the faithful departed. Interesting how modern-day associates this with Death and Dying by dressing up ghoulishly doing trick or treat and supposedly scaring away the bad spirits. Very Scorpio and at night too.

The real meaning of this time is that it is a Celtic New Year (Imbolc), or Harvest Festival known as Samhain in the Northern Hemisphere. The Boundary between this world and other world is thinned, meaning the spirits or fairies can easily come into our world. This time is celebrated by the end of harvest season and beginning of winter. A time of going within. Samhain in the pagan calendar is a very important date as it marks the feast of the dead and there is an honoring of those gone before. Samhain was also known as the origin of Halloween

In the southern hemisphere at this time of year it would be called Beltane if going with the seasons. It is the peak of Spring, a celebration of fertility. In Ancient times it was Beltane rites that recon-nected each year the King to the Goddess, the Masculine to the feminine. It is a time for us to give thanks for our fertile lives and our creativity, and our gender specific gifts and roles and honor the difference in those roles.

It is a time of increasing growth, building to almost full potential, of beauty and heightened passion. What area of life are you going to transform this Scorpio season?

Here are some of the planetary transits entering Scorpio and a brief explanation.

23rd Oct – Sun Enters Scorpio – let the transformation from deep within begin.

30th Oct – Sun in Scorpio square Saturn in Aquarius. Challenge with fixed positions of power and authority, freedom, and humanity.

31st Oct – Mars enters Scorpio for 6 weeks until 14th Dec. Deeply passionate and energetic time. Maybe get out and exercise if you can, if feeling pent up.

4th Nov – Mars and Sun come together in Scorpio – very powerful combinations opposite Uranus – expect the unexpected or change.

5th Nov – New Moon in Scorpio - endings and beginnings of something deep, secret, or passionate. Powerful new beginnings and start of eclipse season.

6th Nov - Mercury enters Scorpio – deep conversations or meaningful communication, speak the truth.

10th Nov – Mercury and Mars come together in Scorpio – Power and the passion in energetic communication.

19th Nov – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus opposite the Sun in Scorpio. This Full moon sets the tone for the next 2 years of the eclipses and the dance of the North Node in Taurus and South node in Scorpio.

Nov 21 – Sun Enters Sagittarius. If Scorpio is about letting go and transforming, Sagittarius is about letting things be. Time to Relax and enjoy the expansive energy of Sagittarius. What is meant to be will be. Time to get out and have an adventure.

If you would like to have your own Astrology Birth Chart and know the area of life Scorpio will affect, then send me your name, date, time, and place of birth to Offer ends 21st November 2021.

I will then email your complimentary copy of your Astrological Birth Chart and a few lines on the area of life under the Influence of Scorpio. If you would like to go further, we can arrange Inspired Astrology sessions via Zoom, Skype or face to face in Buderim, Noosaville, or Eumundi for November as well.

Peter Rule - Inspired Astrology.

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