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Relevant Astrological Currents For 2021

At this time astrologically we are amidst a breakdown of the old systems that we as a society have been serving since the beginning of time. It requires monumental effort to individually and collectively alter a model that has been adhered to, the very fabric of societal engineering which has been passed down ceremoniously from generation to generation over the millennia.

Even now, governing institutions that have self served from those they are suppose to serve, are irrefutably questionable in the minds of the masses! The outcome in following weeks/months may surprise many! Do you comprehend the enormity of this shift! What model do we now adapt to, reach for? What are the perimeters, the influences, the undercurrents that are propelling us forward into a new state of being! We are here now! You are feeling the rumblings of reform, change and expansion. How do we individually and collectively navigate this road less travelled.

There are three stages that will be represented in our psyche, body and external reality over the next coming weeks and months ahead.

1. A purge and breakdown

2. A death of form

3. A rebirth which triumphantly rises and replaces the old structure

This energy can assist in achieving great changes and growth within yourself that has ordinarily been supported into dormancy by mundane, habitual and repetitious living! It encourages us to dig beneath the surface which can be unnerving and overwhelming but if allowed can unearth treasures unimaginable within us.

The undercurrent of energy is compelling and propelling each and every one to restructure the current format of our lives, to think, behave and function differently. To assess our current views, opinions, notions and consider the newly birthed reality we wish to create for ourselves, our families and communities in a global sense that will compliment equality and unity for all.

Peter Rule Astrologer and Astrological Presenter on Noosa101.3 Fm radio with Lou Gatiff.

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