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QHHT - Part 2 - Earth as a simulation - Kate. July 2023.

This is a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique QHHT session by Peter Rule with a client we shall call Kate. She connects with her higher dimensional self which reveals a broader perspective explanation of what is occurring on Earth at present: This is one of several session excerpts that took place recently on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Continued from excerpt 1:

P sd: “And what is the imperative nature of this planet. What is this planet you refer to.”

K sd: “This planet is Earth.”

P sd: “Why have all these representatives come together to discuss this planet.”

K sd: “This is a very crucial moment in this planets history and time line, for there could be one of three outcomes for it. We are discussing the best possible potentiality for there is much at risk, much at stake.”

P sd: “Can you tell me what is at stake.”

K sd: “Its existence, its evolution.”

P sd: “And what are these 3 possibilities that could eventuate on this planet. Can you tell me.”

K sd: “That is what we are discussing now.” P sd: “Could you tell me the most positive outcome.”

K sd: “That we and many neighbouring star nations could utilise technology to instigate a birthing into a greater frequency field which will require the humanoids of Earth to be agitated out of their sleeping state, this creates risk however. P sd: “What is the risk.” K sd “An abomination of some life.” P sd: “In what way, with a frequency increase.”

K sd: “Yes, loss of life for those that don’t wish to increase their frequency. We understand that this is a part of their destiny, however, it could create mass psychosis as a result of a heavily imprinted programme that is within them. It is a very delicate situation. However, it can not be permitted to continue on Earth for the reverberations are being felt throughout the galaxies.”

P sd: “What is the second option, what is the potentiality of this option.”

K sd: “This can not be divulged.”

P sd: “So what I am hearing is that what is currently occurring on this planet is causing a reverberation of a certain frequency which is impacting on others in the galaxy. Is that what has been going on, on this planet because we know it has been happening for a very long time.”

K sd: “Yes, many millions of years, it has reached a divisional point now. It can not continue.”

P sd: “I’m wondering why this intervention hasn’t happened sooner. If it’s been happening for so long on this planet, why has it taken until now for beings like yourself to assist”

K sd: “Humanity would not have accepted any assistance for they do not realise that anything is wrong, we have now been required to step in this last 100 years or so for if it had not have been permitted for the trajectory to be changed by us, this planet would not have been here, it would have disintegrated due to those forces that have been overpowering it. We are here to re-establish a moral order, to reconnect a higher evolutionary construct for humanity, for those whom are willing and are able to move into a new citizenry with us. Those who are not, will find themselves transported and relocated to another destination, another simulation which looks like that of Earth but is not.”

P sd: “So when you say a simulation, like this other earth, are you meaning that this other planet looks like Earth.”

K sd: “This other planet they go to is a construct, a simulation.”

P sd: “So it will look like Earth.”

K sd: “Yes.”

P sd: “Those beings who would go there would have to realise that it is not the same.”

K sd: “No.”

P sd: “And what about those who don’t go, they would realise that something has happened if there are people who go to that alternate Earth.”

K sd: “No they would be transported to an elevated paradoxical Earth that has been prepared, all life is a simulation, all realities are a simulation. It depends on what the individual wishes to experience.

P sd: “So the increase in frequency on the Earth will have an affect, so there will be some that go with that elevated frequency and some won’t, will there be others that don’t want to change that will go to this simulated planet.”

K sd: “Yes.”

P sd: “So we have had nefarious forces on this planet for a very long time that have wanted to reduce the population lets say, however that has also had an awakening process as well with their endeavours to do this in recent times. Why was that so, to reduce the population.”

K sd: “Yes, they are complete, they are complete with the humanoids, they have no further need for them, they are a destructive element, they have done this throughout other solar systems.”

P sd: “So have they been stopped in other places.”

K sd: “Yes.”

P sd: “And so they have come to this part of the galaxy now and they have played out this role for a very long time, but they have now finished their time here. Is that right.”

K sd: “Yes, they are parasitic, they feed off of the planetary host, when they have withdrawn all that they can, they destruct the host.”

P sd: “It is my understanding that many of these nefarious beings have been taken off world, their ways of being have been disengaged.”

K sd: Yes and that has been by and large from the many star nation fleets that have, and, are in cooperation with this centralised galactic alliance.”

P sd: “So they knew the game was up and they left, (Kate interrupted),

K sd: “No they did not leave, they were transported off or met their demise, from the Earth.”

P sd: “And where were they taken too.”

K sd: “This can not be revealed at this time.”

P sd: “And so with those beings that have been taken off planet, we still will have those that are playing out certain roles here on Earth that will most likely have been influenced by those negative forces.”

K sd: “Yes, they have chosen to live a particular way, they are living the remnants of those forces, entities, shall we say, that once ruled the land. So its like a human being who is living a preferred programme oblivious to this programme being present, but none the less living this programme out in daily existence, these beings that remain on your planet are merely living out that in a similar fashion.”

P sd: “So its like they have been programmed.”

K sd: “Yes.”

P sd: “And its my understanding that some of these have been dealt with as well.”

K sd: “Many have been dealt with, we are saying to you that they are, and, have succumb to a programme which they are enacting out, to them it is normal, to many others it is offensive and abhorrent.”

P sd: “So it is my understanding now that there has been many awakened that is helping to increase the frequency on the planet. K sd: “Yes.

P sd: “So is this first potentiality number one, with the frequency increase, is this potentiality what could play out.”

K sd: “This is the preferred outcome, this is what has taken lets say, time, in your earthly construct. There is a saying that can be used which is, “critical mass”, we as a civilisation have a critical mass that is in alignment with living life in a unified, harmonious way. Where you are there, is a gathering taking place, if we were to use an analogy we would say this: imagine a large magnet has been placed within a central point on your planet and it is propulsing a heightened vibrational frequency, it is gravitating a like vibrational frequency within humans to it, to assimilate into this one centralised point. When enough people has been gathered, you have critical mass and the mass far exceeds those left on the fringes that do not gravitate toward this frequency band.”

P sd: “So there are those that have gravitated to that elevated frequency creating a critical mass and there are those still who haven’t, and this is where those that aren’t in that frequency are taken to another planet and there are those that may experience loss of life, this is my understanding, is that right.”

K sd: “Yes correct, and it is a preference of all concerned that there is a minimal loss of life but that is beyond our control, we revere source creation, it saddens us when this occurs. It is a critical moment at this juncture in time for your planet.”

P sd: “But there certainly seems to be alot of collateral damage from these nefarious energies upon the population on the planet.”

K sd: “It is most unfortunate, it is to be expected as there is no regard for source creation on their part.”

P sd: “Is there anything else you would like to impart on what is happening in this moment or is there more information we can look at that you would like to share.””

K sd: “We feel a sense of optimism for there are many many forces of good that are unified together to ensure the continuation and elevation of those descent good souls and our own that are stationed on Earth at present. There are many population sub sets, intergalactic councils, organisations, alliances that are collaborating together to ensure the best possible outcome. Even though we are of ninth dimension we have an invested interest that all functions from a unified harmonious level. Time, we can not speak of, however, there is much complimenting the transportation into the higher 5th dimensional frequency reality that awaits you.”

P sd: “Thankyou. So there is a good potential for this shift occurring. “

K sd: “Had we not of exerted a degree of force, that potentiality would not have been possible.”

P sd: “So with the assistance of these star nations it has made a great impact at this time.”

K sd: “Oh there are so very many that have come together in collaboration and co operation assisting you all at this time.”

P sd: “And may I ask what star nation you are from.”

K sd: “In earthly terms you would refer to us as Andromeda.”

P sd; “And are there many movable ships or planets like yours.”

K sd: “There are many that have come as close as safely possible to this planet. “

P sd: “Humanity hasn’t treated each other kindly, whether that is the influence of these nefarious energy’s that infiltrated this Earth, how do you feel when you witness the goings on down here.”

K sd: “It is what we refer to as barbaric, incomprehensible, but that is because of the code in which we live life through.”

P sd: “Is this barbaric behaviour here the result of the hijacking of humanity from these nefarious beings that come here to Earth long ago and inhibited humanities growth and evolution.”

K sd: “Yes, humanoids can only do what they have known. All that they have known has been collected through their senses, those that have infiltrated your planet have set a standard and that has been carried forth through your species. If a group of you were to transport into our dimension and witness the daily goings on within our civilisation, you too would make the adjustments within yourselves to elevate your awareness, behaviours and actions. It is the same.”

P sd: “So we have been influenced by the environment in which we’re in.”

K sd: “Correct.”

P sd: “Thankyou very much for that today, I would now like to speak to Kate’s subconscious, I would like you to drift away from this life. Just drift away, we’re leaving this being now to continue on with their lifetime.”

To be continued.

Peter Rule is an experienced Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practitioner (Dolores Cannon method) and can be reached at


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