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Navigating The New Time Line

A New Earth paradigm time line is here! What does that mean, look like, feel like. Before answering that we need to understand that we seemingly are still of the same body, mind and spirit, in fact there may be a sense that there is little to no variation of apparent change revealed, or, a complete redesign is currently in progress.

You are still seeing the same landscape, people and places around you, however, the filters through which you see, feel, think, create, comprehend and express have been replaced by a template which supersedes the old model. The internal organism of the body has altered, an outdated carbon based body has been remodeled and restored with a crystalline structure (if you have chosen such upgrades through your personal evolutionary process), capable of accessing new worlds and substantial accelerations of gamma light particles, equipping us for the seeding of a new earth reality and existence. There are many who have drawn their own line in the sand, compelled to evolve, there are many still, who haven’t!

Our Molecular DNA strands have been modified to assimilate heightened photonic light, codes and signatures, supporting our ascension process into an elevated dimensional field, from 3, 4 and now into 5D. We are still moving with momentum towards the 6th dimensional field. This interval of time that we are now experiencing is preparing us for further expansion and integrations.

When the dormancy awakens within your DNA you may feel a disconnect and disengagement with much that you have participated within before. An example being; main stream media, increasingly knowing and feeling that format represents the illusion, disempowerment and fear mongering of the old matrix. You’ll perhaps feel more aligned with investigating avenues of truth, feel a desire for allied community, people and involvement that supports the creation of betterment and change for you personally, within your family and your local and extended communities. This presents to you as differing streams of thought, as neural pathways are utilized from the broader consciousness you are now attuned to.

What will sustain us unwaveringly is a deeper connection with self, our I AM presence, also known as Higher Self, an exalted version of you which is not of physical form but interwoven and interconnected within the heart of creation, Source. Aligning our minds and hearts with the will of the Divine is the way of the future and as we nurture and cultivate this inner relationship, your outer world will reflect your inner landscape.

Now in this eclipse season it is an ideal time to establish connection with your higher intelligence/awareness and create the foundation cornerstones of the new or improved reality you wish to create. Rather than viewing life from the lenses of what is, now is an opportune time to cast your vision ahead to what can be!

In light

Tania Rule

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