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“Jupiter In Pisces - imagination and intuitive expansion”

13th May 2021 – 28th July 2021.

29th Dec 2021 – 10th April 2022.

28th Oct 2022 – 20th Dec 2022.

Jupiter moves into Pisces again on the 29th of December. Both Jupiter and Pisces are very well-placed signs here. The Philosophical, spiritual, and reflective elements of both signs are beautifully blended. Imagination and Intuition are heightened currently. Jupiter in Pisces will expand the kind, sympathetic, caring, and compassionate spirit of Pisces. Jupiter is the seeker of truth, growth, philosophy, knowledge, it is known to be the teacher of higher knowledge and wisdom. Jupiter Seeks a broader knowledge of experiences with unrestricted and uninhibited freedom. I am sure you can calculate the theme of this transit. FREEDOM. Pushing back beyond constraints placed upon you as an individual, community and country.

Jupiter was the traditional ruler of Pisces and then in September 1846 Astronomers made the discovery of Neptune. The Astronomers noticed through mathematics that something was influencing the orbit of Uranus and deducted that an unknown planet’s gravitational pull was having an influence and impact. The astronomers were then able to confirm this Planet via telescope and named it Neptune.

Jupiter in Pisces time comes around every 12 years when Jupiter stays in a sign for approximately 12 months. Will this time foster hope and optimism in an imaginative and serene manner or will we over-indulge in paranoid or victim orientated behavior. Self-Indulgence or escapism are exaggerated themes of Pisces. The choice will be ours with the two fishes swimming in opposite directions and then revved up with the expansive energy of Jupiter. Can we tune into our greater aspects, our higher selves, quieten the emotions and mind to connect to the expansive oneness? (Source, God, Great Spirit).

This time can be an amazing time to expand spiritually, questing for truth. See how the theme of FREEDOM correlates here. Meditation, spiritual study or even exploring past life regression such as Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, developed by Dolores Cannon, which I currently practice, assists people to connect and align with their all-knowing higher self in an altered state of hypnosis and ask life’s deeper questions.

Jupiter in Pisces can bring with it an identification with suffering so this energy can influence those attuned to it, to take positive action to alleviate self-suffering. We can also assert positive action through contemplation, meditation, or prayer. This can be a powerful healing time for self and others. Does your Vitality and Immune System require assistance?

An incredibly significant event occurs on the 13th of April 2022 when Jupiter in Pisces converges with Neptune in Pisces. This conjunction will be at 24 degrees. The last time this alignment occurred was in 1856. This was the time of the American Civil War and there was an explosion of spiritual questing, the birthing of the transcendental movement, a revival of the innate belief in the goodness of humanity, so you may see the parallels to that which is occurring now in our current timeline. When authority commands dominance in an adverse manner over the people, humanity does not just dig deep, it excavates into the psyche and soul of self. All energetic undercurrents are navigating us back towards a reunion with our authentic selves. What is important to us, how do we wish to live life, how can we lay foundations for freedom, self-governance, autonomy, as this seems to be eroding away.

We had a taste of Jupiter in Pisces back in May-July in 2021 in the first few degrees of Pisces and I personally witnessed an increased interest in Astrology and Past Life Regression. Will we witness a Spiritual Renaissance in 2022? Will there be a greater spiritual yearning over this next 12 months where people are seeking or questing for truth? Will there be an increase of events to do with water as with the Pisces energy, increased events relating to water occur, be it natural or manufactured.

These astrological currents are certainly directing people to reflect within, question the solidity of their foundations, harness their own counsel and intuition and discount and disregard outside sources for inspiration and information, particularly sources that repetitiously push a single view narrative. Its time to dig deep people and decide on the legacy you wish to leave upon the planet.

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