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How our vibrational energy offering impacts on all around us

We all contribute and offer our own frequency signature in everything we do, say, and participate within. It is the imprint we offer into the reality we create for ourselves! There is no camouflaging it, as this frequency band we emit is innately broadcast onward and outward at every moment and reveals our identification with our origins, Source. The degree of connection to Source that we function from in this earthly reality is evidenced by the frequency we offer out into our community, our daily interactions with people we come in contact with and how we interact with ourselves. There can be no covert operation in disguising the frequency from which we function from! It either feels light or heavy to others.

We as human beings innately know our divine heritage, our expansive connectedness to all that exists, we sometimes indulge in forgetfulness due to the earthy distractions that preoccupy our time! However if we just allow a little quiet time to connect in with ourselves, perhaps meditate, participate in a little intentioned breathing and allowing a little self inquiry and connection time to something greater than ourselves, it can open portals of significant discoveries, stimulating dormant pathways of consciousness which allows for a layer of forgetfulness to be removed and replaced by insight, knowingness, allowing in a level of understanding which wasn’t within your field of awareness before.

We are traversing a time line that has not been experienced before in human history. A significant planetary shift from one dimensional frequency field into another elevated dimensional time line, transporting humanity along with it, is unprecedented.

I have often wondered how this will look and feel, of course not fully comprehending the magnitude of quantum physics nor the inter dimensional orchestration at play here, but am feeling a strong sense that even though the outer reality we are currently apart of looks very much like a pandemonium play out, the bridge leading to a destination of heaven on 5D Earth is not too far in the distant future.

In light,

Tania Rule

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