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Glimpses of 5th Dimensional New Earth

Glimpses of 5th Dimensional New Earth

More and more individuals are receiving glimpses of future scene scapes, visitations and having recollections of their sleep time travels within that theta state of awareness, just as you’re arousing out of a deep sleep before fully awakening. Many are recalling imagery and messages from their 5th Dimensional New Earth vantage point, seeing future events that are about to occur, they are seemingly given notice of what is coming. One such insightful lady Pete and I know, had full access and recollection of a coming event for her, whereby we were being escorted to the New Earth, she was seated in a bright white room with a large window, there were 30 people of differing races within this room also, mostly confused about what was occurring for them. There were people in uniforms within this large room and outside also, as she looked out of the window she observed what looked like military crafts, it was misty outside, she couldn’t decipher the landscape. Her husband wasn’t joining her just yet, she was confused but calm, she reached out to us for clarification of what she was shown, which appeared to her as a very real and tangible future forecast.

On an everyday conscious level you may be seeing more exposed through your senses and within your field of sight, imagery flashing by but not quite distinct enough to identify what it is. I certainly see more into, and beyond, the lenses of my 3rd dimensional eyes and conditioning within my daily routine of late. Many pixelated images and beings seen in my peripheral vision are registered within my conscious senses, experiencing time line jumps and shifts, quickening of time, encounters with future people and of course what many have been experiencing noticeably since 2019, ascension symptoms such as, brain fog, unusual pain and pressure around the cranium and body, heart palpitations, intense high pitch frequencies or ringing detected within the ears, severe sleep disturbance, lethargy or tiredness, a need to be more insular, away from people. We have heard of many more symptoms from clients, this is but a few which has been a result of the increased photonic light pulses and codings which are activating all manner of upgrades cellularly, physically and externally within the collective of humanity. This is no small feat within our evolutionary process, what each and everyone is currently feeling and adjusting into is a recalibrating and renewing of your physical and etheric template in preparation for the leap forward and upward in human consciousness into a 5th dimensional density template which you will be functioning from in the not too distant future. Life is about to become very exciting, the old template is dissolving, being reconfigured, renewed as is the case with 3D Earth, she too is evolving in consciousness and changing. Together, we will learn to function in an unfamiliar but innovative way. It will require an adjustment period but the benefits will surpass the unchartered nature of what we’re moving into which has been etched in prophecy, astrology and the many recorded literature texts from the archives of time.

The fullness of this integration into the 5th dimensional New Earth reality time line is so very near and that is not said lightly. Having received significant glimpses personally, into our future reality via QHHT Hypnosis sessions, we as an evolving race are being prepared with the greatest of care and consideration from Creator Source and our extended intergalactic family, for as

universal citizens we all share a commonality. A deep inner yearning to be loved, accepted, fulfilled and to freely live life in accord with our evolving values, understandings and true perception of self, not what we have been moulded and shaped into by the influences of our environment, the people who have contributed positively or detrimentally and the societal narrative. We as a race of Source Creation beings are so much more than what we have been permitted to believe about ourselves from the controlling factions of this planet. The suppression of our full potentiality is conclusively ending now and dismantling, due largely to this escalation in photonic frequencies, humanities conscious expandedness & awakening and from substantial assistance from our intergalactic neighbours, supporting a New Earth Rebirth of colossal proportions into an elevated 5th Dimensional Consciousness timeline. The evidence may not be completely seen by the masses but you must concede, life has taken somewhat of a surreal turn in recent times. Think back to unusual occurrences that have presented of late. For those that have chosen the ascension timeline just ride the waves, be flexible, malleable, it’s now time to take your hands off the steering wheel and allow the universe to deliver you to your chosen destination.

In Light

Tania Rule

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