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"Game Changer" - Aries Solar Eclipse - 19/20th April 2023.

This Solar Eclipse in Aries is in the final degree of the Aries at 29 degrees and 50 minute before moving into the next sign of Taurus. This is called the anaretic degree. This is a potent and directed energy in the sign of the Ram at this super charged new moon and only one of seven this century. New moons are a concentration of both the Solar and lunar energies which form in what is called a conjunction. In the case of an eclipse the light of the sun is fully blocked by this moon creating a total Solar eclipse. Because the light of the Sun is blocked out this will intensify the lunar energy of the moon in Aries which is our inner world, what happens in the dark, the unconscious and the instinctual nature of individuals and humanity. This can be an ideal time to go within and feel into this solar eclipse.

Aries Energy is a sign of creation, re-birth, re-creation, new beginnings, source, it is the inaugurator of the New Age, ideas, truth, prophetic vision, individualism, energy and courage.

New moon points are always a letting go of something to make way for something "New". What is new happening in your world? Or what are you letting go of with faith and trust that some thing better will be created. Trust your Intuition! It's a great time to set an intention of what you would like to create. What was happening for you back on the 19th April 2004? This was the last time the New Moon Eclipse was in Aries at 29 degree and 49 minutes. Eclipse energies can have an effect for 18.6 - 19 years. Things can start to change or shake up before an eclipse and then up to 6 months after. Eclipses in history are known for the king to be denounced from the throne or a very potent time of change and hence I call this powerful and trans formative one a "Game Changer". How this plays out in your personal life, well, it is helpful to know your astrology chart to see what house and planets are effected by this Eclipse.

What is also influencing this Solar Eclipse is Pluto in Aquarius and also Aries and Jupiter in Aries which brings more fire to the Aries party. The powerful influence which made its presence known is Pluto moving into Aquarius in March for two months. Pluto is squaring this Eclipse with a 90 degree angle creating a challenge, tension, action/friction. Pluto has powerful and trans-formative effects on what ever it comes into contact with in astrology, and has a no going back effect, hence transformation. Pluto in Aquarius will be here until 2044, however will move back into Capricorn a few times before fully in Aquarius in Dec 2024. Aquarian energy brings in the revolutionary energy which brings about change and freedom for society or people and we can see this in history in the late 1700's (Approx: 1779 -1778) French and American revolutions which brought power back to the people and away from top down authority structures which were ruling at the time. We are in similar themes at his time, however we are in different times too, so out this combination of fiery Aries energy squaring Pluto, will we witness creative conflict this time which results in accomplishment, as this eclipse cycle will have an effect for the next 19 years and coincides with a majority of the Pluto in Aquarius cycle. This yields new territory and new beginnings for society at large, as we learn to learn to let outdated ways of living go and embrace new innovative technologies, designed for the greater good. We are witnessing communities coming together to support local people on a local level which shifts power back to the people, away from the top down authority that has been witnessed in the Pluto in Capricorn period (2008-2023) particularly these last three years and last few degrees of Pluto in Capricorn. We still have another twenty months before Pluto is fully in Aquarius, so expect a jostling for power in this time on a more global level and personal level. These past few years has really brought to the surface who have been dictating and controlling this global stage and holding the power, though many avenues of power and control through government, banking, finance, business, food, health & medical are now having the proverbial curtain pulled across, exposing their wrong doing. We will see designated power return to the people with conscious awareness over these coming years.

The other energies that are affecting us at this time is the Eleven year sun cycle where there is an increase of solar activity with sun spots, solar storms, solar flares, filament energies and magnetic energies that comes towards the earth which effects electrical systems causing radio wave blackouts and geomagnetic influences that can effect the earths crust causing earthquakes. There is scientific equipment that can measure and reveal such events now. The other measurement that has been used is the Schumann Resonance that indicates the energy around the earth in the ionosphere, this has been shown to effect humans electrical systems as well. People call these energies, ascension energies, whereby we are moving from a lower third dimensional planet to a higher fifth dimensional planet. This creates a shift or up leveling in consciousness on a planetary level affecting all life upon Gaia, yes we humans are going through a shift also, We are electrical and chemical in nature, how can we not be affected by these powerful energies pouring upon our planet.

As a naturopath and Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioner, I have been witnessing this in clinical practice for a number of years now where people have unexplained symptoms, they make an appointment with a doctor who performs tests which reveal there is nothing notably wrong with them. Some of these symptoms can be aches and pains that come and go, tiredness and lethargy, needing more sleep, not being able to sleep as a result of feeling activated or overstimulated, dry mouth, extremely thirsty, head pressure, head spins and light headedness, limbs cramping, dizziness, sore throat, anxiety, itching, stomach issues, purging of the system, dry eyes and blurry vision, lack of appetite, jaw and tooth pain, hot and cold sensations. Its always advisable to get a check up to make sure it is not a health concern, however I am witnessing this more and more. Another modality of therapy I do is Quantum healing hypnosis technique or QHHT developed by Dolores Cannon. clients have reported feeling out of their body, un-grounded, visions of another world or a new earth - fifth dimensional reality, lucid dreams, third eye activation and crown chakra activation's, increased intuition and also requiring answers to a greater purpose they now wish to pursue or feel drawn to explore. So many are wanting to change work positions, living situations, locations and relationships, the list is endless. It is helpful understanding these current energies at this time both astronomically and astrologically.

In closing we have colossal energies directed upon the planet which are restructuring, re-calibrating and renewing our physical and subtle bodies in preparation for not only a consciousness shift but a reality rebuild into the 5th Dimensional New Earth. That my friend's is impacting immeasurably upon your physicality and your perception of reality. Whilst many may have little to no comprehension of the greater transformation occurring upon Earth, if you are one that does, distance yourself from chaotic environments, conversations and fear mongering media, allow your bodies to rest or sleep if you are feeling a pull to do so. Drink plenty of water, remember, your DNA is activating and accelerating, the atoms within your cells are reconstructing themselves, you are preparing for a significant shift, eat as much live fruit and vegetables as you can, fuel your bodies with nourishing food, spend time in nature and breathe. Finally allow yourselves the benefits and privilege of quiet connection time, it expands your awareness, soothes your nervous system and delivers peace, clarity and understanding into your conscious thought field.

Peter Rule

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