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We are now learning to utilise the new frequencies and codes available here for us, instead of having adverse or challenging situations present, we will now feel the appropriate course of action and allow our experience to flow from that. All of the old constructs of our conditioning are going to become harder and harder to enact out.

By acknowledging, allowing and actioning your higher governing impulses as they flow through you, we create an avenue for ease, inspiration and fuller life experience to serve us. Any efforts that doesn’t support the new 5D matrix, will soon evidence itself to you as hardship in some form.

We are relearning a new way of functioning in this reality, it will require trial and error, however the benefits are immense as you identify those aspects of self that have been dysfunctional but accepted by you, as normal. We are required to examine ourselves, release that which supports adversity and grant permission for an alternative, innovative way of being. This will surely yield the life design you have been innately yearning, freedom, abundance, acceptance, harmony, community, unity, creative self expression, love and contentment.

It’s here now, this new model doesn’t come with a set of instructions, but then where’s the fun in following someone else’s rules!

Tania Rule

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