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Full Moon in Gemini - 8th December 2022

Full Moon in Gemini. 8th December 2022, Sydney 3.09 pm, Brisbane 2.09 pm.

“This is an exciting time”

The last full moon of the year 2022 is in the sign of Gemini the sign of the twins ruled by mercury the roman name for messenger of the gods and in ancient Egyptian times “Thoth,” who was the inventor of writing, numbers, time, and intellectual skills. Today we would refer Gemini to the intellect or the use of the lower mind.

At this full moon we have Mars in Gemini in the same degree (a Conjunction) and this alignment intensifies the full moons energy with this air driven Mars. Mars in Gemini initiates ideas and spreads information and is assertive with words, sometimes even sharp words when Mars in Gemini is in retrograde. With the Full moon in Gemini next to Mars this intensification could come with emotionally charged words as full moons reflect and amplify the Sun’s energy 10-fold. Remember to breathe before speaking if necessary! When a planet is retrograde it means it has slowed down in comparison to the earth and this means that Mars in Gemini is going over old ground of communications, writing and previous choices and thoughts about decisions that we may have made in the past. With the Sun opposite in Sagittarius, it could even be amplifying beliefs and truths about what we understood as truths and contemplating them as well.

The Full Moon in Gemini is Opposite the Sun in Sagittarius and is the sign of the Archer. This is the sign where we must learn silence or govern the arrows of speech wisely. We all have Sagittarius somewhere in our Astrology Chart.

This Full moon can bring awareness to choices we have made, or decisions even made at the New Moon in Sagittarius on the 24th of November. At the new moons or crescent moon, the ancients would say “there is an ease in launching new undertakings or a new project at this time and circumstances will fall into line for you.” As the Full moon approaches there is an increase in awareness, illumination, and objectivity as you can come out of the implementation of your plans and see the bigger picture, and as the energy passes the full moon you are able to evaluate and assess any problems concentrating on finalizing, rather than starting things.

The Full moon time can bring up the axis of opposites between the Sun and the Moon. Conflict and co-operation between two posing energies, like two people in a Tug – of – War. This Full Moon with Mars there opposite the Sun in Sagittarius it has the element of Air and Fire in Nature. The Gemini Air energy of Mind, Intellect and then the Fire energy of Sagittarius – bigger picture or higher mind, optimistic, adventurous, and expansive. The Sun in Sagittarius is about ambition and shooting for a goal and could be finalizing plans and bringing to completion at this time of year.

Gemini and Sagittarius are mutable signs, and these have a flexible quality to them, and these signs are about completions and the end of a season. After the last 12 months of 2022, it has been a testing time, particularly during the fixed energy of the Scorpio/Taurus Eclipses this year. This has really shaken up old areas or brought deeper issues to surface to be resolved and transformed both individually and collectively.

This full moon brings optimism and with a square to Neptune in Pisces 22 degrees, which is also conjunct Jupiter in Pisces at 29 degree it is a powerful place to be. A Square traditionally can bring challenge and tension, however they can also bring in a different energy to the Sun and Moon at this time. The Neptune in Pisces I would like to consider as an inspirational voice channeling in a higher message. Jupiter in Pisces is on an intuitive search for truth. Can we quiet the mind (Gemini) enough to listen to the quiet intuitive voice (Pisces) at this time.

Neptune in Pisces is now travelling direct (forward moving), and this intuitive psychic voice may be the voice we need to listen to in the quietness. Even in the busyness and distracting world we live in, taking the time to quieten down the activity of the body, emotions and mind just might be the medicine we need at this time.

At this full moon take the time to be Still, to listen to the inner stillness, where we can listen to the spirit of truth (Sagittarius) which can help us and mankind to propel forward and allow the intuitive wisdom (Pisces) to bring forward messages that can assist with an illuminated and focused way forward which our mind can use on a daily basis (Gemini).

Take the time at this Full Moon to be Still, to become one with the inner Silence, take time to quiet the inner dialogue and distracting thoughts. When we reach the point of balanced stillness, feel your awareness speeding toward the higher goal like a golden arrow sped straight to its mark of spiritual truth and oneness.

“This is an exciting time”

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Dec 08, 2022

Thank you Pete. How long do the full moon energies last?

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