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Evolutionary Hypnosis


Evolutionary Hypnosis is a fast track method of hypnosis utilised as a connection tool to bridge this 3D reality structure into a higher dimensional existence, reacquainting us with the quantum field of our intergalactic origins/self or family, the celestial realm and our higher self.

By quietening down the mind, providing a safe peaceful space, guiding each client with tried and tested techniques, you are provided a platform to reconnect & heal, revisit & confirm any agreements, motivations or intentioned purpose for your life path which is currently unclear through the avenue of your own higher authority and counsel.

There is no question, now more so than any other time in Earths history, as a result of the ascension process rapidly taking place within each of us collectively, it is advantageous to glean understanding of our origins, our intentions and motivations as souls that have come to contribute our inherent gifts, skills and talents that we brought forward for this time and place within our evolution.

As a practitioner of both Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique developed by Dolores Cannon and of this derivative fast track technique, Evolutionary Hypnosis, each has merit and benefits, one is orientated toward unlocking past life trauma or influences that is affecting your current life the latter comprises of connecting to your higher self, intergalactic self or origins to clear any implants, agreements, negative energy that is not serving your greatest good now and bring forth clarity and answers to any internal stirrings, confusion or unknown promptings which are not yet formulated or clear within your conscious mind, so that you may live a steady, unperturbed and satisfying life.

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