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Aries Full Moon -

Aries Full Moon - 2022 – 9-10th October. 7.55 am AEST.

Aries – The Ram – sign of the fiery spirit within – Progenitor of innovative ideas – ambition – fire of purpose.

Libra - The Scales – justice, harmony, equity, and artistic appreciation – ruled by Venus.

At this coming full moon on the 9-10th of October we have an interesting line up of planets alongside the Sun in Libra and Moon in Aries. Firstly, we have Chiron in Aries conjunct the moon, which represents the wounded healer, teaching and been the maverick, stepping outside the box and following your own path even if ridiculed. Chiron is a healer teacher, and modern-day astrologers are calling it the new or modern-day ruler of Virgo since its discovery in 1977. Virgo can also represent healing of – body – mind and spirit. This full moon certainly has healing qualities for the self in Aries. Healing of the self (Aries) on an individual level. The Sun is also conjunct the planet Venus both amplifying the intensity of the relationships, self-worth and value, balance, and harmony.

The Libra/Aries Axis always brings up the Aries – independence and self-reliability to the opposite libra cooperation within relationships. Aries can be headstrong and sometimes does not take into consideration others, not consciously, its just that the Aries energy is on an independent journey or focus that is in the process of evolving to the Libran energy that takes into considerations other party’s or partner.

Oppositions of two planets like the sun and the Moon at the time of the full moon in astrology are amplified tenfold as the sun reflects its rays on the sun, so not only do we see the Moon in the constellation of Aries we also see the Libran energy amplified. The Sun is the conscious/masculine energy where the moon represents the unconscious feminine energy. Oppositions in Astrology represents an awareness, illuminations, projections, conflict/cooperation, balance, See-Saw.

In this case the Moon is reflecting the energy of the Sun which is in Libra. Libran energy is where the soul starts to move into the relationship area of life be it personal relationships like marriage partners or even clients. It can also represent those aspects of ourselves that we would rather project onto others like our shadow and sometimes not want to own, this area is where we can let others make decisions for us. Libran themes are represented by the seventh house in Astrology wheel or chart which can be about the Partner, Business or Marriage, open enemies, the other.

On an Esoteric level Libran energy is the use of the mind which will help to bring about balance within the life in the future. The ability to observe the points of imbalance and to consciously work on them, re-establishing the point of equilibrium, and the energy of Venus which is the Ruler of Libra. So, Sun and Venus both in Libra at this is emphasizing the focus and intensification of heart and mind. The energies pouring in at this time will stimulate the striving to achieve balance through scrutiny and effort.

This full moon gives me the impression that this energy currently is bringing in healing energy between these two opposites Libra and Aries. This Aries-Libra is the individual to other axis, self to relationships, rebirth, and new beginnings of the individual to a time of assessment and re-adjustment of the soul and personality achieving a balance of co=operations. With the addition of and influence of Chiron (healing) and Venus (relationships) in opposition as well this can bring in an opportunity at this full moon to be kind to ourselves. Practice loving kindness, accepting our wounds and personal dislikes and as we practice loving to ourselves it can make it easier to practice this with others, we are in relationship too. Therefore, balancing gentleness and strength, justice and forgiveness, truth, and wisdom.

The world needs it at this time, so start with self and let your loving kindness flow to others.

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