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"A true Lion imbued with the power of the divine truth"

Full Moon in Leo - 28 degrees. 2.57 am AEST. 17th February 2022.

Full Moons can be a time of introspection, self - occupation and emotionalism. The moon reflects the light of the sun and neutralizes the more negative aspects of the moon and allows humanity to respond to its higher nature.

The Moon in Leo - The Lion is Ruled by the Sun. This moon symbolizes light, truth, leadership, Consciousness, regeneration of life. Leo is the sign of self - consciousness - I, me, mine, which is the beginning of human consciousness. Leo is the birth place of the individual. The full moon opposite the Sun is in Aquarius which is ruled by Uranus - the great awakener. Aquarius is about the group, humanity, coming together. Have a look at what has happened around the world over the past two weeks since the new moon in Aquarius on 1st Feb and also the Chinese New Year - Year of the Tiger. Humanity forming groups to rally together for human beings rights like freedom and choice all around the world. Truckers, people, Lawyers, Doctors are forming groups and saying enough is enough of oppressive government, medical and business mandates and rules that discriminate, divide, defy logic and common sense. What ever your thoughts are in this people are coming together and assisting others, stepping up, leading. This co-operation is evident. More love and joy is happening and this is all about the heart which Leo also represents.

Leo energises the spiritual consciousness of humanity, manifesting initially as recognition of I, me mine on a selfish level of awareness, then on a higher turn, of the spiral leading to knowledge, illumination and recognition of self as a spiritual being. Self discipline leads to perfection and ability to control - this Leo becomes a leader serving humanity by leading forward. Conscious Leo is self aware and can therefore control self and remain king of himself, ruler of his life. “I Rule, and then I serve.”

This full moon will have other astrological transits to the nodes of the moon which is about “trusting the process of change will develop a new found sense of peace and stability. This is a quest to overcome the fear of change. Transformer Pluto is also effecting the moon at this time with forced adjustments of home life and emotional life. It could be a time if separation, death or letting go a significant powerful women in your life. You may be required to be more emotionally honest with yourself and loved ones.

A true Lion imbued with the power of the divine truth - knowledge of self and his own innate divots - is fearless. Allow the great self to Rule.

The moon in Leo the “personality gives way to Spirit.”

Inspired Astrology - Peter Rule.

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