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A New Earth Birth For Humanity - QHHT - Part 1.

Part 1 of 3. AUGUST 2022

A Quantum Healing Hypnosis Excerpt - Humanity is crowning, ready to birth into the Glory of the 5th Dimensional New Earth!

More and more whilst conducting Quantum Healing Hypnosis Sessions utilising the

Dolores Cannon method, I’m finding clients are having revealed to them, their Intergalactic origins and future see what we as a humanity and the planet are moving into. This client was one who brought forward information about her intergalactic origins and information on the impending emergence of the 5th dimensional New Earth and how that will feel whilst going through it! I felt it important to share! Here is one of several excerpts I will share.

Transcript: I take the client through a hypnosis induction deeply relaxing her and transcending her current physical reality.

“Tell me about this place you are seeing. What does it feel like.”

C sd: “Light. Its all white. I see why my colour preference is white now. It feels like home. It is surrounded in opaque white light, it is a synclinal, spherical shape. There are beings there.”

“What are these beings doing.”

Client becomes highly emotional at this point, tears are rolling down her cheeks and she is attempting to show great emotional restraint. I reassure her and repeat for the Client to share what she is seeing.

C sd: “They are gathering around me, drawing closer around me.”

“Are they familiar to you. Do you know these beings?”

C sd: “Yes.”

“Can you describe them to me?”

C sd: “They are very slender, tall, they are about 8 to 9 feet tall, they are very regal in their stature, they have no hair and everything about them is very proportionate. They are a very pale blue, have a diamond imprint upon their forehead. They are very gentle and they emanate a pale blue light around them.”

“Is this a place you know, is a place you have been to before?”

C sd: “Yes. It is from where I originate.”

“What happens in this place.”

C sd: “It is a place that I return to be briefed, to regenerate, I come and go from this place, I am greatly encouraged by these beings for the work I am doing in my physical form.”

“Are these beings that encourage you, are they your teachers or are they more like colleagues you spend time with?

C sd: “It is a large community.”

“And is this community and these beings a place of your origin.”

C sd: “It is from where I originate. I am of them”

“And what do you like to do in this place that you originate from.”

C sd: “Just one moment they are coming closer.”

“What is happening now.”

C sd: “They have come closer, I am seated down, there is one main being who has moved closer and who lovingly communicates with me, offers great encouragement to me. I often go there when my body is in deep sleep, I travel here in my light body, that is where I spend most of my time.”

“Just when you sleep?”

C sd: “And simultaneously throughout my waking day, I had agreed to come here, (meaning Earth) I did not recognise that my abilities and skills would by and large remain back from where I came. I had to dig deep within myself to remember and bring insight and skills from where I came into my physicalness. It has not been an easy task being in the human form.”

“Then why did you come.”

C sd: “Because I, in my original vessel and all those from where I come, have the ability to hold great magnitudes of Light, wisdom, centredness and peacefulness and that is what the original plan was upon agreeing to come onto this planet.”

“So was it apart of the plan for you to bring in a particular frequency upon the planet.”

C sd: “Yes, that is why I have by and large been left alone by the lower dimensional forces here, because of the magnitude, velocity of light that I have brought into this form.”

“So is it difficult for those energies to come in contact with that light.”

C sd: “Yes, they would prefer to move in the opposite direction.”

“Because of that particular frequency of light.”

C sd: “Yes,”

“And what is the purpose of this light to shine through the body vessel.”

C sd: “To elevate the light quotient upon this planet.”

It is established that this client is of the 9th Dimensional Andromedian race and only a fraction of her consciousness occupies her physical vessel at this level.

“And are there many others doing the same thing on the planet.”

C sd: “Ah yes there are many others, millions that are unawares of participating in the same practice.”

“So there are others from where you come, that come into this physical form to do as you’re doing.”

C sd: “Yes there are many.”

“And these souls emanate light.”

C sd: “Yes, that particular frequency band of light relative to our plane of existence”

“And is there anything else to find out about this incarnation and also this dimension.”

C sd: “I am assured that I am maintaining my agreements all be it difficult at times, I am maintaining what I originally planned to do.”

“Is there any other information you would like to share at this time about your agreements or the planet.”

C sd: “Yes, very soon within the not too distant future within your Earthly time, that this uncomfortability you are feeling within your bodies due to the increasing light distributions will be alleviated as a result of the rapid changes occurring on the surface of the earth, just hold the light, the intensification, for just a little while longer, and all will be well.”

“With this light quotient coming to the planet, is there any information that the being would like to pass on to us about the increasing light, holding the light at this level.”

C sd: “There is a conglomerate of inter stellar representatives, councils, within the cosmic community that are overseeing the appropriate time in which a large photonic blast will be directed toward the Earths surface and internal structure, this blast will act as a cataclysmic plasma wave of energy which will permeate everything and transferring the reality as you know it into a higher, I want to say, inversion (a reversal of the normal order of things), higher reality, so as this blast and the waves filter through everything and everyone, it restructures the reality into the higher dimensional field, known as the 5th Dimension.”

“So as this blast filters through everything, is this what is being referred to the solar flash.”

C sd: “Yes.”

“This has been spoken of before by this Clients collective group in a prior Hypnosis session.”

C sd: “Yes”

“so this collective group that this Client has spoken with before, gave information previously that this solar flash will occur in October, is that time allocation still on schedule. What more can you tell us about this restructure of the Earth”

C sd: “Yes. It will not be necessary for the uncomfortability to be felt for much longer, this is the incremental build up of the light quotient before that final blast and that final blast is monitored in conjunction with the cooperative collaboration of the Councils, the Cosmic councils, the representatives that are viewing what is occurring on this planet and it is then established as to the right time for the allowance of the solar flash, that photonic blast to be released onto your planet, Humanity is crowning, ready to birth into the Glory of the 5th Dimensional New Earth! that is what I am being told by this being now.”

To be continued:

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