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A New Earth Birth For Humanity - QHHT - Part 3.

Part 3: Final information for the collective. August 2022.

A Quantum Healing Hypnosis Excerpt - Humanity is crowning, ready to birth into the Glory of the 5th Dimensional New Earth!

In the final excerpt of a Quantum Healing Hypnosis with this client that connects with her intergalactic self and speaks of the imminent plasma wave of photonic light known to many as the solar flash, she connects in with her higher self collective to bring further insight. Her name has been withheld.

P sd: “So this client is confident that she and her family will ascend she’s just uncertain as to what that looks like. Can you offer any future insight into that.”

HS sd: “Yes, and by and large we have given insight as to what that will look like, we referred to it as a sonic boom, but we can describe it in this sense, there will be a great flash, and it is of a white opaque nature, there will be a flash of light followed by the impulses, the waves of photonic energy in its largest capacity or volume which will hit the planet and as that light permeates into everything, everyone, it will feel wobbly because that is how it will be imbued within you. It will feel like waves or impulses and as such it will look like waves of energy. There is a photo we can impress upon this one to show you what it will look like which we will prompt within her at the completion of this session. So it will be perturbing to many that have no comprehension of what is to come, it will be unstable, unsettling, it will be mind altering to many, to comprehend, so it will feel destabilising because the conscious mind will not be able to comprehend the disparity in imagery, the instability of what they see as all will be fractionated, and with what they feel within themselves which will be like a cataclysm within themselves internally. So they will not be able to match what they are seeing outside of themselves because it will seem fractured, what they are seeing external of themselves will be waves of movement and what they are feeling inside themselves will be similar waves reverberating through them.”

P sd: “Thankyou for that, a question I have is, how will her young daughter be with this.”

HS sd: “She is fine, she is fine.”

(Peters notes: young children from 2013 have incarnated purposely for this particular time allotment on Earth, to assist anchor in this higher frequency field, so their body is equiped for this very event to take place upon the planet when we see the transference into one lower 3 dimensional frequency field into a higher 5th Dimensional frequency field).

P sd: “So this client and her family are booked to fly interstate but this client and young daughter will be following after her husband arrives at his destination some weeks later. She has had a strong feeling that it will be cancelled, is that awareness of her intuition or unfounded concern as the thoughts have arisen that they will be in separate states at the time allocation of the flash.”

HS sd: “Locality is insignificant for them all as they, as a soul family are connected whether one is interstate or not.”

P sd: “Yes, because I have had that feeling that where ever you’re meant to be, you will be, it’s no big deal, when this event takes place, there will be no real separation.”

HS sd: “Yes, that is correct, it is insignificant.” Her concern is just a conscious mind prompting, but there is a strong connectedness between the three of them, an agreement between the three of them to be present, the likelihood will be that they all are together, we can say, they WILL be together. The locality is irrelevant.”

P sd: “So this client has heard of the solar flash that when we transcend from the 3D reality into the 5D realty that our purpose alters, can you explain this further.”

HS sd: “So this one has been receiving the future forecast of her purpose, she has been receiving the future forecast of what she will be doing with this futuristic equipment, that we have spoken of, the mini medbed technology that has already been explained, however, for many individuals what they are currently doing now will not still be so when the time line transformation occurs. There will be an activation of internal coding of the DNA and within that coding is the imprint of what the individual has agreed to purposely contribute in this new higher frequency field of the 5th Dimension. So yes many occupations, skill sets will fall away to make way for the new, it is just a matter of course.”

P sd: “So is there anything that can be explained about this clients role that could assist them to prepare physically and mentally for this solar flash and how it alters everything, and their role within it.”

HS sd: “It will be a natural transference, a natural awareness within your field of now, within the faculty of the mind, it will appear to you as a natural next step. Do not be concerned, it will unfold as it should”.

P sd: “It feels like we have been in a birth canal particularly these last few months even more so than the last two years, I’ve felt like we are going through this expediation at this time.”

HS sd: “So as you see the birthing of your physical child let’s say, you, as a collective humanity are crowning out of the birth canal now. You are crowning into the glory of the 5th Dimensional New Earth. So we would say work upon letting go of that old programming that you have been carrying from your past, for this is but a short moment of time remaining. There is much that is occurring for you all internally and externally within you at present. Put your focus on this transitional time and ask with your personal collective group of one, your higher self, in your quiet meditative time to erase and dissolve all that old programming you have learnt from your early life to be dissolved and then in that way it will allow more peace within your mind now.”

P sd: “Yes thankyou very much for that. Is there anything else you would like to share with this client today.”

HS sd: “Just remember that as you pass through into the other side of what you are moving through now, you will not feel the heaviness, the density, you will feel more connectedness, more lightness, you will feel much more joyfulness because it is already in place, and you will be arriving at a destination that has been pre created for you. A place incomprehensible, until you arrive there, it is of such beauty so put aside any thoughts on having to create and manifest, for the time has come whereby you now need to let go of the steering wheel and allow the car to take you where you need to be.”

P sd: “Thankyou, thankyou very much for all you have given today.”

HS sd: “Yes, indeed”

Peter now concludes the hypnosis. This session seemed liked 30 minutes to the client but in actuality she was under deep hypnosis for close to two hours.

Peter Rule is a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner (Dolores Cannon method) on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. He can be reached at:

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