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Sacred Scent

Sacred Scent

SACRED SCENT has earthy, woody, floral undertones, a perfect union of elements, myrrh represents purification, frankincense carterii the sacred connection and ylang, ylang 1st grade the heart.  Promotes releasing physical, mental, emotional pain and trauma held within the cell nuclei, assists to let go and move forward, transcend old way of being, enhance divine connection, protect auric field, shift stagnancy, dispel negative energies, heighten and expand awareness, integrate masculine/feminine polarities, consolidate divine feminine on multiple levels, assist to transcend grief and emotional pain, lift lethargy. May promote perception shift, heightened and expanded awareness, provide energy boost, cleansing and detoxifying effect.  It is important to drink 6-8 glasses of water and rest when needed whilst this blend is in use.  Ingredients:  organic jojoba oil, organic myrrh, frankincense carterii, ylang ylang 1st grade, lavender.  Accompanying the 15ml roller bottle is an organic cotton pouch.


Warning:  Do not use if pregnant, breastfeeding, an adult dose on children under 16 years, or if taking anti coagulant (blood thinning) or diabetes medication. Contra indications do apply.  Please note that these are for topical use only, not to be ingested internally. 


For best results roll over 1 or more pulse points:  Wrists, temples, arch of feet, behind knees, inner soft elbows, tip of nose, beneath chin and roll down to sternum.  To balance the electrical circuitry of the body (nervous system) roll along the outer ear rim from the top to bottom of each earlobe.

15 Milliliters
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