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Super Moon in Aquarius - 2nd August 2023 - 4.33am AEST.

At this super full moon the moon is closer to the earth thus effecting the tides, tectonic plates and our emotions. Aquarius moon is a detached, emotionally cool, intellectual type opposite the heart based, dramatic expression and intuitive knowing representing the full blast of the Leo Sun. With so much solar activity (Leo is ruled by the sun) of late this is surely going to be a strong full moon and great time to tune into our hearts.

Aquarius represents the intellectual, technology, serving humanity, brotherhood/sisterhood, groups, friends, humanitarian purposes and rules the 11th house in Western astrology – groups, organisations, friends, hopes and wishes. The Planet Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius and known as the ‘The great awakener” of the subconscious, conscious and super-conscious mind, or higher communications mind. Uranus is about freedom and moving forward to the future with new innovations, revolutions, and developments. Technology can also be new or old mind technology that can assist us with our inner world. Dr. Joe Dispenza teaches great meditation techniques that can be measured.

The Moon in Aquarius is illuminated by the Sun in Leo ten-fold at this full moon, and when I think of Leo, I feel the heart energy, love, romance, children, creative play. The Sun also rules Leo, so it is in its natural place. The sun gives us life force. Leo represents the highest form of truth and man’s spiritual aspirations. At this time humanity has been called upon to seek and speak truth, look for truth and live form this place. Authenticity, transparency is the new normal. Leo is shining this now at this super full moon. Uranus the ruler of Aquarius is demanding freedom and truth as well. Ultimately Humanity wants the highest form of truth from authority whoever we perceive or give authority to be and now is a time to listen to our own inner authority and intuition.

At this super full moon can illuminate the incoming energy of Aquarius as in inner awareness of man/woman as a spiritual being finding his/her way back to wholeness and one with spirit. In December 2024 Pluto will be fully in Aquarius for twenty years until 2044 and we are getting some insights into this transformational (Pluto) energy in Aquarius in 2023 and 2024. It will be a quickening of new technological developments for humanity. We can see this with the increased use and awareness of Artificial Intelligence. Be it good or bad, it will be used by humanity and is now. It will be our choice is to see if we can keep our humanity and stay in tune to our hearts. The Aquarius and Leo opposition at this full moon is the Balance of Head (ideas) and heart (action).

Aquarius is known as the water bearer who pours his knowledge and love onto a thirsty humanity. This energy can bring us from the materially focused world into the world of the spirit. This Aquarian energy will stimulate a serge of mental energy which can bring about the rise in spiritual enlightenment, however we need to keep the connection to the Heart – Leo with wisdom, love, healing, and teaching. This connection we will need to remind ourselves in the coming years which will lead humanity forward from the “I am Me” of Leo to become the universal “I am” of Aquarius.

Enjoy this full moon in Aquarius. This is an exciting time for group work, be inclusive and whole, time for common sense, time for the higher mind (Uranus), time to live fully in the present, time to direct energies which will cleanse the world.

Remember the Space is Love, you are Love, you are floating in an ocean of love, there is only love.

Peter Rule – Inspired Astrology, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique practitioner, Naturopath.

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Great work, Pete! Thanks so much for sharing 💜🙏💜

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