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Stepping out of the unknown into the known

Life Path Astrology Consultation

With Peter Rule

“Stepping out of the unknown into the known”

½ hour consultation $90

1 hour consultation $165

1 and ½ hour consultation $190

This insightful overview of your astrological blueprint is designed

to inform you, bringing into your awareness your personal

life design.  These astronomical planets and constellations

which were present at your birth ( date, place, and time)

influence your personal and professional outcomes today,

impacting on your life both destructively and constructively.

Charting your astrological blue print can establish

understanding of:

Life purpose.Life lessons and challenges.Complementary career choices.Big decisions to be made, at a cross road.Upcoming opportunities and possibilities.Feeling the impact of the planetary shift.Innate character strengths/limitations.Latent talents and how to best optimize them.Family, ancestral and relationship patterning.Life cycles and how to best navigate and enrich them.Behavioural predispositions and how to optimise them.How to best negotiate the delicate balance of life within

the kaleidoscope of planetary change that is currently occurring.

This is not prediction but utilising your planetary

constellation initiated from birth to charter your

current life path and present transits that contains

your personal astrological alignment and information.

A personal chart printout and Informative, insightful, and

constructive life coaching is included in these consultations.

Please contact Peter Rule for enquiries or to make an

appointment at 0408 837 240

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