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Before we fully extricate ourselves from the 3D matrix as it has always been known, we are witnessing the dismantling of the structures of old, observing the prelude of rumblings before their closure and crumbling. We are required to embrace the new visionaries of humanity, technology, economics, medicine, education and politics who have the inspiration and innovation to create and implement an alternative framework within this 5D matrix.

This can only occur with transparency and individuals willingness to relinquish an antiquated socially engineered structure that hasn’t weighed favourably toward the masses. This dear friends is transpiring now and as truth triumphs and reveals the depth of deception which has been programmed into us from external social influences, it offers an opportunity to recreate from an all inclusive, equitable and promising platform for all.

When the parameters of anyone’s reality is confronted it always provides an opening for a shake up and wake up. The degree to which one is attached to that version of self and existence reveals itself in the discomfort you feel within. As many shifts and discoveries present into our awareness over this next 6 weeks with the accompanying astrological influences orchestrating planetary activity, which in turn activates humanity, there is bound to be unprecedented disclosures that will mark a historical turning point for all who live upon the planet. Stay tuned 2023 is going to be a make over year!

In Light

Tania Rule

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